Lagny: sports, heritage, schools: what will the city invest in this year?

Renovation of the rowing club, works in schools and maintenance of the heritage, the municipality of Lagny-sur-Marne presented its budget on April 12, 2022. (©La Marne)

On Tuesday, April 12, the city of Lagny-sur-Marne approved its budget for the year. What to remember from this obligatory phase of congregational life? For Jacques Augustin, 2and Deputy Mayor in charge of finance and the presentation of the budget, this 2022 edition “revives the dynamism of the city”, after two years of health crisis.

It is also a budget of new projects, especially in the field of sports, with the start of the first phase of work on the tennis courts and the rowing club.

Jacques Augustine

Launch of sports projects

Tennis. The tennis project, which is scheduled for 2023, will start this year with an initial envelope of one million euros. Ultimately, the Sports Park should have 9 courts, outside and inside, with beach tennis and padel. The total cost of the project is estimated to be between 3 and 3.5 million euros.

Rowing† The complete renovation of the rowing club, financed by the Department, the Region and the National Sports Agency, should also start this year. 1.2 million euros will be spent on it. The club is to be one of the two rear bases for the 2024 Olympics.

Street training. After the construction of a motor area with a playful route for children in the sports park, the city also plans to create a street workout space that can be added on the banks of the Marne or in the heights of Lagny where the playground will be this year will also be renovated.

Renovations for the care of the little ones

Daycare. The care of children and toddlers will also benefit this year from good budgets with two major projects. The first concerns the renovation of the roof of the Charpentier crèche, which is aging, poorly insulated and causing leakage, for almost €500,000. The work is scheduled to start this summer, in the absence of the children.

School. In the field of early childhood, there is a major project at Orme Bossu School. For example, the school (and finally) will have a self-service canteen in the building. For the time being, the students have to leave the school to go to the canteen. By playing musical chairs, the municipality has won the library and reclaimed space — without eliminating classrooms, she says.

Heritage improvement

Cemetery. This year, the city is also planning an envelope for the upgrading of the cemetery, columbarium and memorial garden. The city wants to highlight this place of memory and its beautiful chapel by improving its aesthetics with plantations and the installation of pebbles for a budget of 126,000 €.

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Church. Listed as a historic monument, the Notre-Dame des Ardents church should also be the subject of minor works on the forecourt, in particular to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility with a small ramp at the entrance. Most of the work comes later. Indeed, the city has approved a budget to start studies for “a major renovation project” of the church in collaboration with the architects of the buildings of France and the Drac (regional directorates for cultural affairs). Here, too, the roof, its aging, receives special attention.

urban planning

Camera surveillance. More generally, the city is continuing its multi-year projects, including the renovation of public lighting. As for the CCTV development program, it will come to an end with the last episode of this year. Without marking the end of video surveillance development, this initial development plan is coming to an end.

Parking spot. Finally, the Delambre car park will be renovated this year. An envelope of € 400,000 is planned. The users will soon see the props that support it disappear for good.

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