Language Sport propels companies and athletes to the 2024 Olympics

The life of a manager is that of a top athlete. He must surround himself with the best to grow, set goals in France and abroad, pay attention to his health, his diet… He takes risks, must know how to deal with his loneliness, his image, his stress, his doubts, sometimes his failures. However, he does not have the opportunity to discuss with athletes. Langage Sport wants to establish this dialogue so that sharing their respective codes and their common experiences, in both, fuels the increase in performance Pierre Distinguin, founder and director of Pulp Accelerator in Marseille, the start-up accelerator for sports, well-being and leisure, explains the origin of this patronage system based not only on the financial aspect, but on the human relationship between the entrepreneur and the athlete he decides to support until the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Olympic Games 2024: in Marseille, the economic world mobilizes

Half a dozen pairs have already been signed or will be, but the goal is to reach 20 by the end of 2022. The aim is not to become a sponsor of a sport where financial resources are abundant, but to invest in an athlete with proven opportunities, in the eyes of professionals and experts in his field, to be selected for the Olympic Games . It consists in supporting and following his career as closely as possible, giving him the means (and the serenity) to perfect his preparation while at the same time involving him in the life of his company. And this at an optimized price, as the sponsorship offered is 60% tax free. The resource is assigned to the chosen athlete’s club so that it can be transferred to them. A way to perpetuate their bond and their progress in the region.

Mutual transfer of skills

To found Langage Sport, Pierre Distinguin collaborated with federations, clubs, technical advisors, regional Olympic and sports committees, etc. to find and identify some thirty disciplines that traditionally had no support (climbing, fencing, boxing, judo , pentathlon, archery, dancing, rowing…), the most promising profiles. At the same time, he started his search for regional entrepreneurs who might be interested in sport, either because they are athletes themselves or have a passion for it, or because the approach might appeal to them, but they don’t know how. to do it. † You have an appetite for sports, but also a connection with the regional territory to ensure a close human relationship. In addition to the sponsorship contract, based on three models of 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 euros, each offering from the lightest to the most complete, the real challenge lies in the mutual transfer of skills and the beautiful story that can lead to them “, he continues. Langage Sport has built a database of elite athletes with little support, to help the company director make his choice. A coach supervises each pair to prepare, guide and accelerate the exchanges effectively and ensuring that the contact naturally deepens over time.” It is essential that they communicate with each other so that the rapprochement takes place outside the intervention of the coach and a bond is formed. If not, we may adapt, change, or redevelop athletes according to the vagaries of injury or selection. » emphasizes Pierre Distinguin.

Creating Mutual Benefit

After an initial physical discovery or via video conference to let everyone gauge their desire to participate, the program declines various animation times over the months and schedules.

“During a three-hour one-on-one, manager and athlete come up with a favorite object to start the discussion. It’s about flattening everything, strengths and weaknesses, with no hierarchy, to get to know each other. During the following sessions, the entrepreneur is invited to participate in the world of sports: training, competition… We want a real immersion. The athlete also comes to a corporate event that is close to the manager’s heart. He, in turn, must assess how economic performance is managed. Depending on the sport, the expectations of each other, we provide customization. †

Finally, a session brings all couples together to further enrich the sharing of experiences. Each step is discussed in detail. † We ensure that the athlete and manager benefit from it. The latter remains free to do more than we propose. insists Pierre Distinguin. For him, Langage Sport strives for a balance: “Bringing sport and economy back into line”. And in the longer term contribute to the creation of a “sports club of the future”, less dependent on government subsidies”, more transversal, more inclusive allowing the sport to cross a threshold », and to the area to accentuate its attractiveness through the results his businesses have enabled through the local clubs and athletes.

Five couples already on their way to the 2024 Olympics

They are among the pioneers of “Language Sport”. Relais Vert, in Carpentras, wholesaler of organic products, has entered into a partnership with cyclist Corentin Ermenault through its general manager Jérémie Ginard. François Mathieu from the company Radiatole in Vitrolles (metal construction) supports Rémy Taranto, already involved in three Paralympic Games, rowing and bronze medalist in Tokyo. Led by Mathieu and Bastien Giovale, Ovinalp (agricultural fertilizer solutions) supports Emilien Maire, pentathlete and engineering student. The three are guided by Yohann Djerahian, professional coach. Serge de Senti (founder of the Oxytronic group in Aubagne) has chosen to support the fencer from Gémenos, Anne Poupinet. As for Antoine Buat, director of Digdash, he supports the marathon runner of Marseille, Nicolas Navarro.