LE CREUSOT: A “Festi’Sport” of convictions

The first of five meetings in Saône-et-Loire, the FestiSport proposed by the departmental council has settled this Saturday at the Stade Jean Garnier in Le Creusot. Offering multiple sports activities throughout the day. David Marti, André Accary and Bernard Ponceblanc confirmed their belief in the virtues of sport.

The report of the inauguration and the photo report of creusot-infos.

Mandatory sunglasses on the Josep Gallo synthetic track… We could have imagined being at the Cannes Film Festival this Saturday morning, at the Jean Garnier stadium, for the inauguration of the Festi’Sport, this sporting event dedicated to sports practices, which the departmental council of Saône-et-Loire wanted to establish itself in the five candidate cities of the department as a back ground for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.
In the name of the event it was appropriate to put “Festi” like Festival and if you look closely it is indeed a real festival that is proposed. Like in Cannes. Without the glitter, but with lots of stars in the children’s eyes.

The inauguration took place in the presence of Commissioner Rémy Rebeyrotte, of Sophe Clément, Vice-President of the Departmental Council in charge of Sport, but also of the departmental advisers of the sector; Evelyne Couillerot, Nadège Cantier, Bernard Durand, Jean-Marc Hippolyte and Didier Lauberat.

David Martin

Mayor of Le Creusot
“At Le Creusot, we have invested a lot in sports in recent years, such as this synthetic course that bears the name Joseph Gallo. We also wanted events, such as the arrival of the Tour de France. We have the will to encourage all sports and the city can claim 5200 licensees in about fifty clubs.
I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Guy Arnoud and the Creusoit WHO for their continued involvement, because I repeat, sport is essential to “live together”. And here we have given ourselves the resources to be a back ground for the Paris 2024 Olympics. If we are selected, it will give the residents pride. Together we must uphold the values ​​of Olympics.
I’m sending a message to the sports federations to tell them: don’t discourage the territories. I want to take the example of table tennis. Our club had to organize a national event for the Minis. I say good for the Minis. He had applied by responding to the specifications. But the Federation changed the rules and Le Creusot was challenged for lack of infrastructure. This is unacceptable and I say this to all federations.
I also want to send a message to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Sport: we need more sport in school, that we become aware of its importance. In my time, not so long ago, we played sports for 4 to 6 hours at the Lycée. Today it is 2 o’clock. While COVID has developed a sedentary lifestyle, more sports practices should be encouraged from school to college. Otherwise, in the absence of enough young practitioners, we will one day have a disaster in professional sports. France will be relegated.
Finally, I would like to point out that Le Creusot is clearly a candidate to host the Saône-et-Loire Youth Games in 2024”.

André Accary

president of the provincial council
“I am very happy to have inaugurated this first Festi’Sport. The department has mobilized 2 million euros to prepare for Paris 2024. We wanted to mobilize the department for sports practices. It is important to fight to support the sports world that needs it. In this sense, I salute the mobilization of all volunteers and thank them for their support of the license holders and all these young people.
All efforts must be made and added up to motivate young people to exercise. We wanted to create a support service for associations, also for sports, because we know that sometimes leaders and volunteers need to be guided.
Finally, I confirm that the department will be present in the Tour de France caravan to promote our territory. It is the 3rd sporting event in the world and it takes place every year”.

Bernard Ponceblanc

chairman of CDOS
“The Olympic Movement is delighted to launch this campaign. The idea was to do it by force in the 5 candidate cities to be a rearguard, creating an event. The cities have made significant efforts with the support of the department. We must support the 2024 Games in Paris and the Paralympic Games. It will be important to leave a legacy. The last Youth Games brought together 5,000 young people in Autun. I thank the department, the city of Autun and the Grand Autunois Morvan. Meet now in Montceau for the next Festi’Sport”.