Leicester. The achievement is the price of a glowing evening. Sport

It will have to be electric, it will have to smell like sulfur. An evening as Roazhon Park has already known with an atmosphere of fire. A yellow sky saturated with Saharan sand should envelop the stadium, creating an unreal atmosphere. Because yes, if Stade Rennais come back two goals behind and make this comeback, which supporters have dubbed #Rennesmontada, the evening will have to turn irrational.

Bruno Genesio made no mistake at a press conference yesterday, where he appealed to the public, supporters, media and history. “We all have to be convinced that it is possible. Everyone should be hammers the red and black coach. We will need our supporters, I know they will be very numerous. That everyone believes the achievement is possible. We, them, you. Get a glowing audience from the first to the last minute. We will need him to excite us, to carry us, to sustain us and to play the part of the twelfth, thirteenth or fourteenth man. †

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The collective power is in them

Roazhon Park must ignite, tremble, sing, cry to cheer. The performance, as it would be a performance, is at this price. ‘It’s the most exciting game of the year’Martin Terrier doesn’t hesitate.

“It could be a game that changes the history of the club a bit, because it would be a first qualifier in the quarter-finals of a European Cup”, adds Bruno Genesio.

Don’t add more, all the ingredients are there for a dramaturgy that only sport can reserve. Now on the field the players will have to realize “extraordinary achievement” grab the game, press loud and clear, be formidable efficiency in front of goal like in Lyon and uncompromising in defense.

So many elements that Rennes has mastered, and indeed very well, since the start of the season and more particularly since a few games, where the team has regained an impressive collective strength. “I think there is an osmosis between us, we know each other well, we know how the teammate moves, we always try to do according to the friendexplains Martin Terrier. Positioning is very important, the fact that you don’t only think about yourself but also about others. †

This gives a combined game, removed often exciting. “What I like is that it’s a game that’s mostly based on passing and movingtastes Genesio. A statistic is revealing, we are one of the teams that dribbles the least in the championship with Strasbourg. It is a pride to lead this team. Everyone participates, there is movement, sometimes to be served, sometimes to free up space for a teammate. The individual aspect never takes precedence over the collective. †

Take inspiration from Arsenal

From there comes this offensive abundance. With 57 goals, Rennes is the second best offense in L1 and used to scoring a lot. A treat that could be decisive as it will be necessary to score at least three other than to go through the penalty shootout.

And if it’s necessary to get the score quickly, it will also be necessary to avoid Leicester’s clash, which could be operative during the transition, with Barnes. “Especially if we have to dominate and leave spaces, we will have to be very vigilant when losing the ball”warns the technician again.

But the first leg (2-0) showed that the Foxes defense was not very calm when it was pushed. Rennes to harass her. “Stade Rennais has shown in its short European history that it is capable of scoring against big teams. This was the case against Arsenal. You have to be inspired by that.” shut down Genesis.