Les Sables-d’Olonne: health sports for people who are sick or in remission with Sec athletics

Estelle Viron, in the foreground, offers customized Nordic walking trips every Tuesday morning. ©JDS

Been requested for some time by people who are sick or in remission and are not suitable for club sportsthe Sec athletics of Sables-d’Olonne took matters into his own hands. “We tried to integrate these people into the Nordic walking group, but our volunteer leaders were not properly trained. Even with the slowest running group, these people couldn’t keep up. So, on the advice of the Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee, we decided to: recruit a specialist under the care of this special-needs audience,” explains Sec athlé co-chair, Christian Mairand.

This person is Estelle Viron. An employee of the club since September last year, she takes care of the new health sports section but also the training of the youth of the club.


Holder of a Staps license (Sciences and techniques of physical and sporting activities), Estelle specialized thanks to the APAS (Physical activity adapted to health) mention.

“Since the beginning of the school year, I have been receiving people who are sick or in remission. The pathologies are diverse: cancer, diabetes, respiratory problems, obesity, etc. »

Estelle Viron

For this first year two adapted sports activities are offered: Nordic walking on Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am and soft gym with muscle strengthening on Wednesday at 6 pm and 7 pm and Friday at 10 am.

These sessions take place in small groups so that the activity is really adapted.

“I offer exercises adapted to the pathologies of each (breast cancer, heart problem, etc.). Often these people have a medical prescription that I adapt to. It is practically tailor-made because each case is unique. †

Estelle Viron

Physical activity against recidivism

Estelle Viron and Christian Mairand encourage people with the disease to take the plunge into sport: “We meet different profiles: there are people who have never played sports, others have. And then there are people who force themselves to do it for their health.”

Both saw a real need to develop healthy sports. In the field of, among other things, cancer or diabetes physical activity is an integral part of supportive care† “Studies show that physical activity is important, especially for prevent recurrence‘, the club’s co-chairman underlines.

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Precisely, a partnership has been established with the AVLC (Vendean Association for the fight against cancer)† “We are service providers of the association,” says Christian Mairand. We also aim to partner with Altadir (Editor’s Note: Association bringing together patients and healthcare professionals in the field of respiratory pathologies) next year.”

A rapprochement between Sec athlétisme and the IME and the Albatros house is also relevant to offering adapted sports to people with physical and mental disabilities† “Some young people from the IME will join us on a window of inclusion‘ announced the co-chair. Also next year, the Sec athlé will join the Adapted Sports Federation to be able to participate in meetings and competitions.

Contact sports adapted to health: Estelle Viron on 07 62 26 69 72 or [email protected]

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