Ligue 1, 28th day Galtier on Dante’s ouster during Montpellier – Nice (0-0): “There is no mistake”

Nice is used to tough confrontations, but the anger and annoyance grow over time with the refereeing decisions. Reduced to ten again in a league game, the Riviera club turned their backs to bring back a very good point from their trip to La Mosson against an excellent team from Montpellier (0-0). An important point given the circumstances of the encounter, knowing that Nice played an hour to ten after the ouster of Dante by Mr. Turpin. The pill is canceled for the PSG dolphins. They said it was an injustice.

Result: Christophe Galtier went for a walk in the referee’s dressing room after the game. Annoyed by his team’s arbitration in general, the technician wanted to understand why Dante, who officially chopped Elye Wahi in his penalty area in the 34th minute of the game, was directly sent by Mr. Turpin was sent off. The penalty does not go through, yes, but showing a red card is incomprehensible. The reaction of the Bank of Nice, which had watched the images live, said a lot. Furious, Galtier jumped furiously to his tech room. His post-meeting conversation with Mr. Turpin calmed him, but his anger remained.

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At ten, Nice resists Montpellier


I went there, I asked to go there. mr. Turpin has received me very politely and I appreciate that he can receive us and that we can both have an explanation and certain elements,” the former ASSE and LOSC technician revealed to: Premium video. “Here he believes there is a foul and there is an anti-spell foul. If it had been a failed defensive gesture there would have been a penalty and a yellow card. There he believes there was an anti-spell foul. game and this type of foul is penalized with a penalty and a red card.

It’s been several games that we wrongly see red

Galtier went further than just challenging red. According to him, there is not an ounce of guilt after dissecting the action with slow motion shots. †I also know my captain’s honesty. There is a first arm that is placed on Dante. The attacker cannot get this ball back at any time. Therefore, we were clearly disappointed, even angry. This is an important match factI think if we hit the target, our game gets complicated. Walter makes the save which is not very difficult, but he stood still. After that it gives a one sided match even though we tried

For his players, a little more water has been added to the wine. Particularly with Jean-Clair Todibo and Morgan Schneiderlin, who especially pointed the finger at this card that sealed their match. †We find it very heavy, we have the impression that we are doubly sanctioned. It’s a light touch for me. After looking at the images, we have the impression that the Montpellier player puts his arm down and makes contact, Dante tries to avoid this as much as possible and the referee whistles a penalty. Let him whistle the penalty… but the red card is too heavy for us, we lose our captain, we will lose him for sure before our next game…Schneiderlin argued against Amazon Prime† For Todibo, the reaction was more ironic at the transmitter’s microphone. †I think we would have liked to have played eleven the whole game. Whether he takes the penalty or not, it’s his decision, but it’s more the red color that can be discussed

It’s not a first for the OGCN this season, in fact it’s a custom to play with a digital handicap. So it has already happened against Brest, Strasbourg and Montpellier. It also becomes a habit for Dante. The Brazilian was suspended by Stéphanie Frappart during the 0-0 trip from Nice to Strasbourg on February 26. So is there a Nice curse in arbitration, or is it all just fate? For Schneiderlin, it would rather be the first option. He no longer understands the decisions of the men and women in black. †It’s been several games that we’ve seen red come to us and they haven’t come to fruition, so it’s difficult for us.”

See you next week at the Velodrome

All the people of Nice will agree that the point brought in from Montpellier is rather a good result, even if Marseille can pass 2nd on Sunday evening, in case of success on the Brest lawn. Galtier even has a slight sense of disappointment with the rough attacking play his team has developed as a whole. Even at the age of ten, his OGCN had everything to create the spark. †After an interesting start, we lacked forward play for some reason. I have players who struggled to get into this game.” he was sorry. “After ten we defended intelligently, our goalkeeper saved some, we were successful, but I think who has the shots we could have played with more determination and accuracy to create a surprise.

The rest will be a very important trip to the Vélodrome against Olympique de Marseille next Sunday (8:45 PM). May it be without Dante’s presence at the hinge of the championship’s best defense. A meeting that smells like qualification for the Champions League, but according to Christophe Galtier will not be a defining moment of the season. †We will still be too far from the end of the championshiphe argued.Obviously it will be important for the European places, I hope it will be us who will win

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