Ligue 1 – OM – Florian Thauvin’s “out” comments on RMC leak, Marseille supporters won’t digest it

This is a controversy that Florian Thauvin would have done well. Guest of the show “Rothen s’ignite” on RMC On Friday evening, it was the former Marseillais himself who sparked debates on social networks. In question ? A conversation “off” between the left-hander, the journalist Jean-Louis Tourre and the former Parisian Jérôme Rothen, who thought the microphones were broken. But they weren’t.

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It all started with Thauvin’s comments about his family’s idyllic living environment in Mexico, especially his son. “I couldn’t talk about it during the interview, but just for my son, imagine he’s 2 years old today. He speaks French with us, Spanish with the nanny and he’s in American School. It’s crazy thing, just for him”, the Tigers player rejoiced. Before our colleague from RMC don’t restart it: ‘You really can’t imagine raising him in Marseille, can you? Between the dingoes and stuff?’

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My son is 2 years old, it is not possible for him to go to school in Marseille

The beginning of trouble for Thauvin, who then put himself in a delicate position: “I’m honest, I can’t say that on the broadcast. But it’s true that when I got the extension offer from the PPS, they made a crazy effort, with a contract from Crazy. Longoria and Sampaoli did everything. But I said to myself, ‘My son, he is 2 years old, it is not possible for him to go to school like this in Marseille.’

Words that were very badly taken by the community of Marseille, which reacted quickly after this leak. Starting with the mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan. “Good evening RMC Sport. For your information: OM is the biggest French club, Marseille the most beautiful city and the Marseillais are the most incredible people. Good evening. #TeamOM”, he tweeted.

Inevitably, the reaction of the 2018 world champion was swift, via a video posted on Twitter. “I’m really disappointed, disgusted, I see it as betrayal, because we don’t reveal a private conversation publicly,” he regretted this leak at first. Before we go back to basics. “What’s important to me is to come back to the subject, and in particular to the journalist’s comments, which I completely disagree with, which are inadmissible,” he blurted out.

I should have responded right away

Before resuming. “I made a mistake because I didn’t react. I should have reacted immediately and just defend ourselves. For that I apologize to all Marseillais. For the rest, to clarify the situation, I just explained that I in Marseille, that I needed a change in my professional and private life, and that I was proud and happy to be able to offer my son the opportunity to discover a new country, a new culture, and the fact that he is learning several languages “.

Journalist Jean-Louis Tourre also explained, indicating that: “It was obviously not intended for broadcast”. “I regret the word ‘dingos’ to qualify the Marseillais. A familiarity to indicate the specific context we have to deal with when we play at OM,” he added. A precision that should not be enough to calm the debates. No more than Florian Thauvin’s memory of his attachment to the Public Prosecution Service…

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