Lirola does her mea culpa

In line with the work of the past few weeks

Sampaoli (in French, please): “We worked very hard on the attack. I think the team is aware of what it takes to win games. I hope the team will be very aggressive against Monaco.”

About what he asks of his players when it comes to counter pressures?

Sampaoli: “We ask them to be better on the collective details. We also ask them to see the spaces between the lines to be more aggressive when the ball is lost. It’s all in the details.”

On the performance of winter recruits

Sampaoli: “There has been an evolution since their arrival. But they came after a long period of inactivity. It is complicated for us to decide on a starting team without knowing if they have really integrated everything, our system etc. The collective is the most important to us.”

Why haven’t you seen the 4-4-2 used again against Angers?

Sampaoli: “We tried to play in this system against Qarabag, with Payet playing in the top part of the diamond and wingers moving to the center. Against Clermont we have a good presence in the opponent from the 18th to the 85th minute side, we just lacked precision. After that it’s always the same, if we don’t score the goal against Troyes at the end of the match… It’s up to us to find the best version of OM, we also have to be better defensively. Angers we were 2-0 down, it could have been OM’s worst game at home, but in the end we took advantage of the opponent’s bad moments The positioning of the players on the pitch depends on a strategy, sometimes it works, sometimes not.”

The match against Monaco crucial for the end of the season?

Sampaoli: “All games are important. But Monaco is a great team, prepared for the Champions League and with a big budget. Our reality is we know where we are, but I don’t think it’s a decisive game. Monaco will fight to finish before the top of the table. But it’s not decisive, because we will have other opportunities to measure ourselves against big teams.”

On the difficulties of creating opportunities

Sampaoli: “I share your analysis. We find it difficult to be dangerous offensively. We have to try to find this offensive feeling to wake up our opponents. We are working to find that. We are looking for other solutions to think we’ve seen the best moments.”

Do bad results weigh on the life of the group?

Sampaoli: “I have said it many times, in today’s society you always have to give everything, but there are always ups and downs in people. Since I have been here, we have always tried to “get up” But there is fatigue. This full week has allowed us to recharge the batteries before the home game to find the best version of the team.”

It’s Sampaoli .’s turn

The OM coach has arrived.

On criticism of the team and rumors about the life of the group

Lirola: “Criticism is part of football, it is normal and even more so in Marseille. It is not enough to finish second, we have to do better. There is a very good atmosphere in the group. The most important thing is that we work on it to achieve our goals and qualify for the Champions League.”

On the shape of Monaco

Lirola: “Monaco remains Monaco, it is a team that we should not underestimate. That is why we have to be focused on Sunday.”

About the pressure of playing at the Velodrome

Lirola: “With the strength and support of the public we should do much better. We can talk about pressure, but we are used to playing in front of a full stadium, that should help us.”

On his transfer that took a long time to unlock last summer

Lirola: “I said it already, it was difficult months. But a lot of time has passed. Physically I feel just as good as last year.”

On the match against Monaco

Lirola: “There are fewer and fewer games. They are at nine points, if we win we could put them at 12 points. It would be a difficult deficit to catch up, so it is very important to win.”

About his form and his level difference compared to last season

Lirola: “I am not at the level that is expected of me. The system, the playing style? I can’t say why. There are many things to take into account, but the most important thing is not to give up on my level and get my confidence back.”

How to regain the win after two bad performances?

Lirola: “We only took a small point from two games we had to win. But we had time to analyze what was wrong, especially the phases without the ball.”

On OM .’s Defensive Fever

Lirola: “We have lost points because of this lack of solidity. We know very well that at this point in a season there are ups and downs in a season. But we are still good in the standings. We hope for some from Sunday firmness against Monaco.”

On OM’s week after the draw against Troyes

Lirola: “We were able to eliminate without a game. We took the opportunity to work, but also to rest.”

Pol Lirola has arrived!

The wing defender of the Public Prosecution Service took place in front of the journalists.

Payet’s response to criticism of his weight

Dear OM player this season, Dimitri Payet was the exceptional guest of RMC Sport during the show on Tuesday Rothen ignites live from the Commandery. The chance for him to defend himself against those who criticized an alleged overweight when he was less good on the ground.

“I don’t know how to take it. Currently I’m 1.5 kg less than the times we talked about. It’s often been the lightning rod, to say ‘if it’s not good, it’s because ‘he’s fat is’.”

Payet laments the lack of support from his teammates

Victim of a bottle throw against Lyon in Ligue 1, Dimitri Payet admitted that the lack of public support from his teammates bothered him a bit.

“I had support, unfortunately not enough for my taste, complained the 35-year-old player. The only sincere apologies I got came from coach Galtier, with whom I have a special relationship… No player Nice did not come to me , nor the president. Same in Lyon. On the contrary, they encouraged people to come and play the match again.”

Good morning all,

The OM conference prior to the Monaco reception can be followed live from 13:15 with commentary on the RMC Sport website and app.

The Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli and the Spanish defender Pol Lirola follow each other before the eyes of the journalists.