LIVE – “An act of war”: Zemmour considers the EU’s investigation of Ukraine’s candidacy a “mistake”

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On March 8, listen to “Emmanuel Macron and the Quilting Strategy”, our new episode dedicated to candidate Emmanuel Macron’s first campaign trip, which took place Monday evening in Poissy, in the Yvelines.

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Finger of honor in Marseille: Eric Zemmour speaks of gesture that was “not liked”

The candidate, who was disturbed during his trip to Marseille, eventually gave a middle finger to a passer-by.

“I’m not sure if my middle finger was in the best taste, I had been harassed by antifa all day. (…) I was pissed, that’s life,” justified the former columnist on BFMTV.

The attendee who brought a Nazi salute “has no place” in his meetings, explains Eric Zemmour. from

A young man gave a Nazi salute during the candidates meeting in Toulon on Sunday. The former journalist Figaro distanced himself from this gesture.

“You are attached to a detail, an imbecile who has no place in our meetings (…). I am of the Jewish faith. A Nazi who joins Eric Zemmour, his brain is upside down, he has to quietly going to treat ”, explains the politician on BFMTV.

Marion Maréchal “perfectly embodies the union of rights” for Eric Zemmour

While Marion Maréchal appeared next to Eric Zemmour in Toulon this Sunday, the candidate applauds this rally.

“She brings me first of all her friendship, her intelligence, her fighting spirit, her charm. (…) She embodies perfectly what I want to do in this campaign, the union of rights to save France,” said the presidential candidate on BFMTV.

“It’s an act of war”: Eric Zemmour considers the EU’s investigation of Ukraine’s candidacy a “mistake”

The European Union officially started examining the candidacies of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova on Monday, a bad decision for Eric Zemmour.

“It’s a mistake (…). It’s an act of war against Russia and it’s a way to escalate further,” the Reconquest candidate said on BFM TV.

“If Ukrainians have ties to France, we will give them visas,” explains Eric Zemmour. from

Eric Zemmour, who initially called on the Ukrainians to “stay in Poland”, nuances his speech. Having already partially returned to his comments during his meeting in Toulon, the candidate now explains that he agrees with the principle of their reception.

“If they have ties to France, family in France, we will give them visas. What I don’t want is a tsunami based on emotion. I don’t want it to be like the Syrians,” the presidential candidate justified on BFMTV .

‘It wouldn’t be a debate’: Attal explains why Macron doesn’t want confrontation with the other 11 candidates before the first round

Emmanuel Macron said it yesterday. He does not intend to debate all 11 other presidential candidates before the first round, arguing that no outgoing president had done so before him.

At France Inter, Gabriel Attal resumed:

“Never has an outgoing president debated the candidates in the first round. Why? Imagine an outgoing president between 12 candidates, each looking for his moment of confrontation with the president. So on a 2-hour show there will be 1 hour and 50 minutes of confrontation with the president and less than 10 minutes for him to respond. It wouldn’t be a debate.”

However, the government spokesperson assured that the head of state loved “the debate, the confrontation of ideas”.

Eric Zemmour worries that sanctions against Russia “turn on the French”

While sanctions against Russia have increased in recent days, including the asset freeze of Russian oligarchs and the exclusion of major Russian banks from the international banking system Swift, Eric Zemmour is concerned about their impact on the French.

“We must be careful that the sanctions imposed on Vladimir Poutine do not turn against the French,” said the Reconquête boss.

“We will continue to fund public broadcasting”: Attal backslide on Macron’s pledge to abolish the fee

Emmanuel Macron, who traveled to Poissy on Monday, launched his first campaign promise: the abolition of the public audiovisual service fee. Questioned on this Tuesday at France Inter, Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government assured: “There is a need for strong audiovisual resources in this context of misinformation. We will of course continue to fund it.”

How ? On this subject, the spokesperson seemed more unclear: “it can be done through the state budget, through visibility over several years”.

“Emmanuel Macron will have the chance to talk about it during his campaign,” both swept and guaranteed Gabriel Attal.

Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to participate in a first-round debate is “a way out”, Judge Eric Zemmour

While the president explained during his trip to Poissy Monday night that he was not considering a first-round debate, Eric Zemmour believes it’s “a way to escape.”

“I think it’s one way to get out of the way, but he really liked the argument of saying the others didn’t (the outgoing presidents, editor’s comment. I, I think the French waiting for the debate between the two rounds between him and me,” the polemicist explained to BFMTV.

Ukraine: “We want to limit the campaign to a subject that will not be decisive in 10 years”, Eric Zemmour . criticizes

While the presidential campaign seems to have come to a standstill with the war in Ukraine, Eric Zemmour regrets it.

“They want to lock us up and lock up the election campaign in a subject that will not be decisive in France in 10 or 20 years. I am not saying that Ukraine or the Covid are not important. But I am saying that our fate will be defined because what is already there years and what I call the Great Replacement. They want to steal from us the fundamental theme of this election,” the candidate estimated on BFMTV.

Eric Zemmour will be a guest at Apolline de Malherbe on RMC-BFMTV at 8.30 am

Eric Zemmour is our guest this morning. While the candidate is barely in the polls, the boss of Reconquest is counting on the support of Marion Maréchal last Sunday in Toulon.

Ukraine, International Women’s Day, purchasing power… Eric Zemmour answers Apolline de Malherbe’s questions for an hour.

What to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s first trip to Poissy this Monday evening

Emmanuel Macron made his first campaign trip to Poissy, in the Yvelines. Purchasing power, education, but also Ukraine, is how the presidential candidate summed up his first proposals.

In particular, he mentioned strengthening math in the common core in high school, “a quick measure” against gasoline or even the abolition of the audiovisual license fee.

Here’s a summary of everything the president said during his speech.

François Hollande regrets presidential election with ‘skipped’ debates

In a long stand on World In which François Hollande calls on France to stop all imports of Russian gas “to give Putin a setback”, the former president criticizes Emmanuel Macron’s campaign strategy.

“On the eve of the presidential election, where the stakes have never been higher and yet where the debates threaten to be skipped, are we in a position to take decisive steps for our country?” former tenant of the Elysée.

Emmanuel Macron himself acknowledged in his “Letter to the French” last Thursday that because of the context, he “couldn’t campaign the way (he) would have liked.

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Jadot, Roussel and Hidalgo expected in Paris demonstration for women’s rights

Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel will be present this afternoon at the Paris demonstration organized on the occasion of the International Day of Women’s Rights.

All three want to restore a full-fledged ministry of women’s rights, supplemented with a billion euros for the fight against violence against women.

A delegation from La France insoumise will also take part in the procession, led by Member of Parliament Clémentine Autain.

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