LIVE – Gabriel Attal confirms that retirement at 65 will be in Emmanuel Macron’s program

Jadot finds proposal to move retirement age to 65 “extremely unfair”

While Gabriel Attal confirmed this morning that retirement at age 65 would be on Emmanuel Macron’s agenda, Yannick Jadot found this reform “extremely unfair” on Europe 1 this Thursday.

“We are in a country where one in two people who activate their pension rights are out of work,” he said, referring to unemployment and illness.

“I would initiate a pension reform to put hardship back at the heart of the pension system,” he added.

Eric Zemmour’s candidacy video has been removed from YouTube

Eric Zemmour’s job application clip was removed from YouTube this morning. This withdrawal follows a complaint accompanied by the decision of the Paris court condemning the candidate for infringement, according to information from Nextinpact.

We summarize here what was legally problematic in this video.

“Eric Zemmour has cards in his hand that Marine Le Pen doesn’t,” explains Marion Maréchal. from

While Marine Le Pen called it “violent, brutal”, Marion Maréchal’s support for Eric Zemmour is justified, the former deputy is justified.

“I believe Eric Zemmour has cards in his hand that Marine Le Pen doesn’t. I think of his ability to bring people together, to break the cordon sanitaire (…). I think he has a consistency and a vision has who can let him surprise,” the former parliamentarian of the Vaucluse said on CNEWS this morning.

“I don’t deny that there is a certain human difficulty, believe me. But I don’t want to express my moods. In our family, everything is intertwined,” Marion Maréchal noted.

Weapons delivered to Ukraine: Jadot favors “some form of transparency” on “the type of weapons”

“I had asked for some form of transparency, as several countries had explained what type of weapons they could export,” Yannick Jadot told Alexis Corbiere on Europe 1, questioned on the related controversy.

“I just want people to remember that there are Russian tanks, Russian planes and Russian missiles that are killing the civilian population and I wanted people to say what kind of weapons are being given to the resistance,” he added.

Asked more specifically about the deputy of La France insoumise Alexis Corbière, Yannick contacted Jadot: “I have let Alexis Corbière manage his confidentiality clauses.”

War in Ukraine: Jadot wants “total embargo on Russian gas and oil imports”

“What I’ve been proposing for days is the total embargo on gas and oil imports,” Yannick Jadot recalled Tuesday at Europe 1.

“We must cut off this war fuel,” he continued. “Whatever the consequences, this war must be stopped,” urged the environmentally conscious presidential candidate.

“We have enough petrol until next winter, that’s what the European Commission says,” said Yannick Jadot.

“The useful vote is first and foremost that of your conviction”, Anne Hidalgo launches to voters on the left

While Jean-Luc Mélenchon seems to be taking advantage of the useful vote on the left by collecting 13% of the voting intentions in the latest Elabe poll for BFM and L’Express, Anne Hidalgo regrets it.

“I say to this left-wing people, who despair (…) that the useful voice is first of all that of your convictions (…). I am this republican, European left, this left with responsibility,” declared the socialist candidate this morning at France inter.

We explain here why the boss of rebellious France gets to work in opinion polls.

A debate between all candidates would be “a moment of spectacle”, judge Gabriel Attal

Emmanuel Macron will not participate in a first round debate with the other presidential candidates, much to the chagrin of his competitors.

“All candidates will want their moment with the president and he would only have 10 minutes to answer. It would not be a debate but a moment of spectacle,” Gabriel Attal justifies on RTL this morning.

Gabriel Attal confirms retirement at 65 will be in Emmanuel Macron’s schedule

Gabriel Attal this morning confirmed the information of echoes which showed that Emmanuel Macron wanted to raise the retirement age to 65 years.

“The president has always said that we should work more. We will have a choice of society in this presidential election (…). Macron’s program will contain the proposal to extend the retirement age. It is a reform of responsibility and also justice with a minimum of 1,100 euros for those who have a full pension,” the government spokesperson told RTL this morning.

Ukraine: Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounces Emmanuel Macron .’s “full powers”

The situation in Ukraine “deserves a debate” and “affects the presidential election”, but Emmanuel Macron “has full powers” in the first round, Jean-Luc Mélenchon worried during a news conference on Wednesday.

“Normally in a democracy, except with Mr Poutine, defense decisions are discussed,” the Insoumis candidate argued at a press conference in Paris. But “where can we talk about it?” he asked. “A man has all the powers until the presidential election,” Emmanuel Macron, “he does what he wants, when he wants, as he wants,” criticized the insurgent candidate.

The deputy also calls for a debate in the National Assembly now that the parliamentary session has been closed since the end of February.

Emmanuel Macron calls on LREM parliamentarians not to “let arrogance rule”

The president spoke to parliamentarians last night at his campaign headquarters in Paris.

While Emmanuel Macron collects more than 33% of the vote in the first round in the Elabe poll for BFMTV and The Expresshe warns his majority.

“The coming weeks are decisive. Do not believe the prevailing discourse and do not go along with it. The worst thing would be that a form of arrogance and uncertainty arises, and to be sure that everything is played there too,” the candidate explained.

We summarize this meeting for you here.

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