LIVE – “I will lead the country to the end”: Emmanuel Macron starts his campaign in Poissy

Emmanuel Macron on Ukraine: “I think in the short term it is rather the war that will be fought”

He does not hide his pessimism. Asked in Poissy about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron said he hoped for a de-escalation, even if he did not believe in it in the short term.

“I think in the short term it is rather the war that will be fought,” the presidential candidate said.

“I will lead the country to the end”: Emmanuel Macron starts his campaign in Poissy

Emmanuel Macron sums it up: he is a candidate “in a rather special context” because of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“I think there is still a lot to do and improve in France,” said the president of the republic. “I am a candidate, I will come back to put this confidence in the French,” he added.

Emmanuel Macron arrived in Poissy for his first trip as a candidate

The President of the Republic will make his first trip to Poissy (Yvelines) this Monday evening as a candidate for the upcoming elections.

He must have a “conversation with residents about the topics they will choose,” his campaign team said on Sunday.

“The French must have a big political debate”: Yannick Jadot favors a debate with all candidates

Yannick Jadot, candidate for EELV, said on BFMTV that he is in favor of a debate with the presidential candidates, including “of course” Emmanuel Macron.

“The French and the French have to have a big political debate”, estimated the environmental candidate on our antenna.

For Marine Le Pen, the rally from Marion Maréchal to Eric Zemmour is an “incomprehensible change of foot”

“I still have not had any statement that seems coherent to me about this change, that was that of Marion Maréchal, who had indicated more than a month ago that she would support the best placed in this competition. So this change of foot is incomprehensible for me,” said Marine Le Pen on Monday, the day after his niece’s rally against Eric Zemmour.

‘Lowest unemployment rate’: Macron calls on supporters to ‘defend’ his balance sheet

In front of his campaign teams, Emmanuel Macron also called for “defending” the results of his five-year term, highlighting “the highest activity rate since it has been measured” and “the lowest unemployment rate”.

School, health, institutions … The “three big projects” that Macron wants to launch

At the headquarters of his campaign, the head of state outlined the main thrust of his project by proposing to “launch three major projects: one for schools, one for health, one for our institutions” and “four pacts: European, productive, generational and republican”.

On the program: “completing the autonomy of universities”, “resuming pension reform”, “breaking all barriers to health”, “increasing the industrialization of the country to meet new challenges” to “make our nation the first low-carbon in Europe”.

“The campaign, I don’t want to escape it,” assures Macron

At his campaign headquarters on Monday, as he made his maiden journey as a candidate at the end of the day, in the Yvelines, Emmanuel Macron indicated that he did not want to “evade” the campaign despite the context.

“It’s very touching to find you there. The days are a bit complicated for the country at the moment. And it touches me that you are here and on the other side of the screen,” said the President of the Republic.

Mathilde Imer announces she is leaving Popular Primary

While the popular youth ministry, which had supported Christiane Taubira, finally announced on Saturday “to support Jean-Luc Mélenchon and campaign” after the defection of Christiane Taubira, Mathilde Imer announced her departure from the structure.

“I am leaving the Popular Primary today,” the now ex-structure spokesperson wrote on Twitter on Monday.

“This withdrawal follows the decision to campaign (for) JL Mélenchon, as the process that has led to this position does not seem to me to be consistent with what we have built up over the past few months, much less a different way of doing politics. companies.” she said.

Laurent Fabius announces list of 12 presidential candidates

Twelve candidates are running for the first round of the presidential elections, Laurent Fabius announced on Monday.

Here is the list, “as it was passed by the Constitutional Council,” stated the chairman of the “wise men”:

Nathalie Arthaud, Fabien Roussel, Emmanuel Macron, Jean Lassalle, Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Valérie Pécresse, Philippe Poutou and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

“This list will be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic without delay,” Laurent Fabius added.

Emmanuel Macron will take advantage of “all the gaps” to campaign, according to Stanislas Guerini

At the public Senate this Monday, La République en Marche (LaREM) general deputy Stanislas Guerini explained that President Emmanuel Macron would take advantage of “all the gaps” of the international agenda “to meet the French”.

“Everyone can understand that the head of state will use all the gaps that the international agenda, which his agenda as president of the republic offers him, will use to meet the French,” said Stanislas Guerini.

“The Affair of the Century” hosts a show about the climate on Twitch, Hidalgo, Jadot and Roussel have confirmed their participation

The four NGOs behind the “Affair of the Century” – Notre Affaire à tous, the Foundation for Nature and People, Greenpeace France and Oxfam France – are organizing a program dedicated to climate on the presidential occasion on Sunday 13 March.

Several presidential candidates will be questioned successively: Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel have confirmed their participation and Jean-Luc Mélenchon has given an agreement in principle. Valérie Pécresse and Emmanuel Macron have not yet confirmed.

Macron in the Yvelines this Monday for his first trip as a candidate

Candidate Emmanuel Macron, officially in the race for the Elysée since Thursday evening, will go to Poissy, in the Yvelines, on Monday for a “conversation with the inhabitants about the topics they will choose”, his campaign team said on Sunday.

The head of state is close to the mayor of the city, the ex-LR Karl Olive.

This is Emmanuel Macron’s first journey as an official and declared presidential candidate.

The candidates for the presidential elections will be announced at 12:00 o’clock

The Constitutional Council will announce the official list of candidates for the Elysée on Monday. Each suitor was to muster 500 sponsorships from mayors and elected officials. If all the main candidates had fulfilled this condition, the doubts remained for Philippe Poutou (NPA) whose counter showed 439 signatures on Thursday.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon brings 15,000 people together in Lyon

Another political fact of the weekend: the meeting of the candidate of La France insoumise Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who gathered 15,000 people in Lyon. Neither Putin’s Russia nor NATO: Jean-Luc Mélenchon tried to broaden his base to rally the second round of the presidential election, advocating an “other world” and a “non-aligned” France.

Marion Maréchal formalizes her rally with Éric Zemmour

Marion Maréchal, niece of Marine Le Pen, expressed her support for the far-right candidate Éric Zemmour at his rally in Toulon on Sunday before nearly 8,000 people. Support expected for several days in the Zemmour camp.

“I am sure that the political reshuffle will happen, I believe that victory is possible again,” launched the former FN deputy (now RN) from Vaucluse, aged 32.

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