LIVE – Presidential: Emmanuel Macron Reveals His Program

Emmanuel Macron begins to present his program

The President has just arrived on the stage of the Docks d’Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) to present his program 24 days after the first round.

Housing tax, reduction in the number of deputies, unemployment … 10 Macron promises in 2017 under scrutiny looked at candidate Emmanuel Macron’s promise sentences in 2017.

While some have been preserved, such as the end of the housing tax or the doubling of CP and CE1 classes, others have been abandoned completely, such as the reduction in the number of delegates or the establishment of a universal system of retreats.

Find here the results of Emmanuel Macron’s program 5 years after his election.

Emmanuel Macron will present his program at 3 p.m.

Emmanuel Macron will unfold his proposals for his future five-year term in the event of re-election, this Thursday at 3 p.m. in the Docks d’Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis).

Among the likely mentioned traces, the payment of the RSA on condition of activity, retirement at 65, the reform of inheritance or even a food voucher for the most disadvantaged.

Here we summarize what we already know about the announcements that Emmanuel Macron should make.

After Roussel’s accusations, Jadot asks him to “step out of the caricature”

After the tweet of Fabien Roussel accusing Yannick Jadot “of pulling his proposals from MEDEF”, the environmentalist’s counter-attacks.

“Let’s get out of the caricature. Without teachers there will be no change. Reducing school holidays means fewer days to have more time for crafts, nature, art and sports,” replied the MEP.

In particular, Yannick Jadot suggested “shortening the duration of the holidays” for teachers in The cross This Thursday.

Fabien Roussel accuses Yannick Jadot of drawing “his proposals from MEDEF”

The tone is rising neck and neck in the polls between Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel.

“Reducing vacations for teachers. Reducing heating for all French people. Increase in the price of petrol for motorists. And why not work on Sundays too? Is Yannick Jadot taking into account Medef’s proposals?” the communist candidate tweeted on Wednesday.

In particular, Yannick Jadot suggested “shortening the duration of the holidays” for teachers in The cross This Thursday.

“A pale copy”: Valérie Pécresse accuses Emmanuel Macron of transferring his program

Valérie Pécresse struggles in the polls accusing Emmanuel Macron of copying his program

“Today his campaign is poaching and a pale copy of my project on pension reform, nuclear energy, the RSA,” the candidate LR accused this Thursday morning in the columns of the Parisian

The maneuver makes it possible to mark the difference with the Elysée, while Eric Zemmour sends it back to a supposed closeness with the president.

We summarize the reasons for this positioning here.

Jean Lassalle maintains his presidential candidacy

After threatening to withdraw from the race for the Elysée, Jean Lassalle announces that he will continue.

“My words had a much greater impact than I imagined. I have decided to continue my campaign in a context totally unimaginable, without answering your questions, your ambitions. (…) We will continue together”, declared the deputy of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in a YouTube video.

We summarize here why Jean Lassalle considered giving up the towel a few weeks before the first round.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan denounces Emmanuel Macron’s “presidential burglary”

The boss of Debout la France takes a stern look at Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to debate in the first round.

“I, I say ‘no debate, no mandate’. All this is a presidential burglary,” Nicolas Dupont-Aignan told France Info this morning.

Possible Nicolas Sarkozy support for Emmanuel Macron: Bruno Retailleau “doesn’t want to believe it”

While Nicolas Sarkzoy could announce that he will vote for Emmanuel Macron in the coming days, the boss of the LR faction in the Senate does not appreciate that.

“It would be a terrible disappointment. I don’t want to use the word betrayal because I don’t take this idea (…) I don’t want to believe it,” Bruno Retailleau estimated on Sud radio this morning.

In an interview on Figaro On Tuesday, Gérard Larcher, the Senate president, had made less strong remarks.

“Of course he is free to choose. I see that he did not vote four weeks before the elections. Valérie Pécresse is following her route,” he explains.

“A monarchical annuitant”: Julien Bayou curries Emmanuel Macron

The boss of environmentalists slammed his fist on the table as Emmanuel Macron refuses any first-round debate with his competitors.

“We had a president who started the game and played democratic revolution and who today is a monarchical annuitant by making the most of this overhanging position. This poses a legitimacy problem,” said Julien Bayou in the Public Senate this morning.

Corsica: The government “only acts with its back against the wall” for Jadot

Gérald Darmanin en route on the island, question of autonomy openly mentioned… The Corsican file is currently mainly on the government’s mind.

However, the environmentally conscious presidential candidate regretted: “They only trade with their backs against the wall!”

Macron wants “no debate” because he is “feverish” about his balance sheet according to Jadot

Yannick Jadot demanded for the first round a “great and beautiful debate” for a “positive choice of society for the next five years”.

He addressed the head of state who does not want to participate in the exercise: “He is so feverish about his balance that he does not want to talk about it”.

To “fix the school” Jadot wants more teachers, better income and green classes for students

His proposal to shorten the school holidays speaks for itself. Yannick Jadot explained his intention to “fix the school” this morning.

He called for “an increase in teachers’ salaries” and “recruitment of 65,000 posts”.

As for the issue of school holidays, he explained:

“Once we fix the school, I want us to work with the staff and the parents of the students. And one of the possibilities is that we get more sports, crafts and nature.”

“You could imagine a green class in the first week of July for wildlife education,” he added.

Yannick Jadot defends the idea of ​​a ‘single European gas buyer’

“We need to get out of dependence” on Russian hydrocarbons in Europe, Yannick Jadot launched.

As a result, the environmental candidate for the presidency proposed to create an “independence of energy” through renewable energy sources on the issue of “a European solidarity”.

“We are proposing an embargo and one European gas buyer,” he said.

Jadot accuses Total of being “complicated in the atrocities” of the war in Ukraine

Yannick Jadot went on the offensive against the Total group, still present in Russia.

He accused him of “complicity in war crimes, atrocities”.

“The profits, Total makes them on the consumer, the climate and now on the war,” he developed.

400 euros energy check, 5% increase in minimum wage: Jadot asks for measures for French income

Yannick Jadot criticized a state that “helps the richest” and demanded “measures for the income of the French” from the government.

He proposed an energy check of 400 euros for the most troubled families and a 5% increase in the minimum wage.

“It’s Not a Resilience Plan”: Jadot’s Approach to Government

Our guest on Thursday morning, Yannick Jadot, criticized the so-called “resilience” plan that Jean Castex had announced.

“It is not a resilience plan. The idea of ​​resilience is to face the situation, but we are also changing structurally,” he told our journalist Apolline de Malherbe.

“They didn’t anticipate anything, didn’t prepare the French for crises, they don’t arrange anything,” he added.

Shorten the duration of the school holidays? Yannick Jadot thinks about it

Ecological presidential candidate Yannick Jadot does not rule out “shortening the length of school holidays” and “rethinking teachers’ service obligations,” in an interview with The cross published Wednesday evening.

According to the MEP, “it is necessary to better articulate and balance basic knowledge during the day (reading, writing, arithmetic) and to spend more time on practical knowledge, nature, culture, sports, handicrafts”.

Emmanuel Macron presents his program this Thursday

Emmanuel Macron, candidate for his re-election for the presidency of the Republic, will unveil this Thursday afternoon the program he plans to apply in the event of a second term at the Élysée.

For several weeks now, the now presidential candidate as well as his entourage have distilled many measures that will be confirmed and developed during a press conference.

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The gap between Macron and Le Pen is narrowing, Mélenchon is the third man

Emmanuel Macron maintains a clear lead in 1st round voting intentions of 31%, according to an Elabe survey for BFMTV and Express with our partner SFR. Marine Le Pen (18%) and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (14%) are on the rise

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