LIVE – Presidential: Macron will hold a press conference on Thursday to present his project

Emmanuel Macron gives a press conference on Thursday afternoon to present his project

Emmanuel Macron gives a press conference on Thursday afternoon to present his project, BFMTV learned and confirms information from echoes

The press conference could last three hours, it was also said.

“The desire is to do a long educational exercise on the program for the journalists,” a close friend of the president of the republic told BFMTV.

“He wanted to take the time to explain and answer all questions,” we added, arguing that he “will be in his candidate’s suit and have more freedom of expression”.

Floriant Philippot announces support for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Although Florian Philippot had failed to collect just one sponsorship money from an elected official to run for president, he announced this afternoon that he was convening Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

The Patriots’ president underlined the existence of an “agreement” with Debout La France in view of the parliamentary elections, while claiming to have “enriched” Debout la France’s presidential program. The party added to its program the “holding of a referendum on France’s membership of the European Union”.

Valérie Pécresse presents her “rupture” and “reconstruction” program

Valérie Pécresse struggled in the polls and presented her presidential program of “break” on Monday.

On the menu of his project were 12 important measures: 16,000 recruits into the legal system, introduction of immigration quotas, 10% wage increase, return of universal child support, sending 4,000 doctors to nursing homes…

The program to “rebuild France” promises “twice as much savings” (84 billion euros) as expenditures “(42 billion) and plans to “return to 3% of the deficit by 2027”.

Marine Le Pen who refuses a debate with Valérie Pécresse “is afraid”, the candidate LR . judges

Although Marine Le Pen refuses any debate with Valérie Pécresse, the candidate LR regrets this position.

“If we slip away, it’s because we’re scared. Me, I’m not scared, I showed it to Eric Zemmour last Thursday,” the representative from the right explained this Monday during the presentation of this program.

Marine Le Pen, however, would agree to a debate with Jean Castex.

We summarize here the reasons that prompted Valérie Pécresse to want to debate the candidate of the RN.

Valérie Pécresse “dreams of being Emmanuel Macron’s minister”, Judge Guillaume Peltier

After the debate between Valérie Pécresse and Eric Zemmour last Thursday and with the two candidates neck and neck in the polls, Guillaume Peltier is on the front line.

Thursday night we saw a centrist candidate who dreams of becoming Emmanuel Macron’s minister. She left LR because Laurent Wauquiez and I were too right-wing. No one believes her in her ‘all right’ campaign,” the Reconquest spokesman said in the Public Senate this morning.

Pensions: Anne Hidalgo wants alimony on 62

Anne Hidalgo spoke about the retirement age. “I want to stay at 62”? “And even at 60 for the toughest jobs,” she continued.

As for the level of the pensions, she promised to raise the minimum to 1200 euros.

Anne Hidalgo accuses Jean-Luc Mélenchon of being “complacent and complicit to dictators”

On France Info, Anne Hidalgo assured that her first opponent was not Jean-Luc Mélenchon. However, it has hardened its blows against the Insoumis.

She felt that Jean-Luc Mélenchon had shown “complacentness” towards “Vladimir Poutine, but also Maduro in Venezuela and Bashar al Assad in Syria”.

“There are people who defend democracies and people who are complacent towards dictators,” she supported, rejecting Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the second category. The mayor of Paris even called an “accomplice”.

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon is complacent with dictators, and the people see it well,” she said of whoever leads her in the polls by ten points or more.

Hidalgo wants economic sanctions against Russia to go as far as an embargo on hydrocarbons

While Moscow is now asking for Chinese aid to continue fueling the war, Anne Hidalgo has also spoken out about economic sanctions against Russia. “Economic sanctions should go even further,” she said.

“We need to go as far as the embargo on Russian hydrocarbons,” she said, believing that “buying Russian gas pays for their weapons.”

“There is no third way in Ukraine”: Hidalgo picks Mélenchon . at

Anne Hidalgo wanted to simplify her position in the Ukrainian file as much as possible. “It is better to be with democracies than with dictatorships,” she initiated.

“On the one hand there is a dictatorship and on the other democracies”, she outlined and continued: “There is no third way”.

A reminder addressed to the “far right”, confirmed the socialist candidate who also pointed “and to Jean-Luc Mélenchon”.

The insurgent candidate has repeatedly condemned the Russian invasion, while raising calls for peace and denouncing the belligerent positions on the left.

Anne Hidalgo confirms her “support for President Zelensky”

While the Rada broadcast a video showing a fictional bombing of Paris by Russian planes to warn international sensitivity, the Ukrainian parliament, the mayor of the capital and presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo reacted.

Speaking to France Info on Monday, she confided “after seeing the video” and launched: “These are shocking images intended to gain the support of European countries”. “I’m with President Zelensky,” she still assured.

No debate between Macron and his opponents: “he wants to avoid this confrontation”, denounces Xavier Bertrand

While Emmanuel Macron has closed the door to any first-round debate, Xavier Bertrand is stepping up to the chagrin of his opponents.

“Emmanuel Macron knows how to hold video meetings and meetings with his MPs and he does not find the opportunity to hold democratic debates? He wants to avoid this confrontation,” Valérie Pécresse’s lieutenant estimated on France 2 this morning.

First TV interview for candidate Macron

This Monday evening is also dominated by the first television interview of candidate Macron. The head of state will be one of 8 candidates invited to answer questions from TF1 journalists about the war in Ukraine.

The other guests are Marine Le Pen, Éric Zemmour, Valérie Pécresse, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Yannick Jadot, Fabien Roussel and Anne Hidalgo.

Valérie Pécresse presents her program

This Monday morning in Paris, Valérie Pécresse, surrounded by her campaign team, presents her “presidential project”. Less than a month after the first round, the candidate LR will therefore set out the series of measures she intends to take in the event of an election as President of the Republic.

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