LIVE – War in Ukraine: Macron convenes crisis summit of EU leaders in Versailles

For Gabriel Attal: “We are not free on the drip”

Asked about RTL a few hours before the crisis summit of EU leaders organized in Versailles, Gabriel Attal outlined the objectives of these discussions around the energy independence of European countries from Russia.

“We are not free from the drip, much less free from the drip of an authoritarian state like Russia,” the government spokesman said.

Sony suspends PlayStation deliveries to Russia

Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Wednesday that it has suspended all shipments of PlayStation consoles and video games to Russia, joining a growing number of companies withdrawing from the country following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) joins the global community in its call for peace in Ukraine. We have suspended all games and console deliveries, the launch of Gran Turismo 7 and PlayStation Store operations in Russia,” the company said. on Twitter.

Sony also recalled the announcement of a $2 million donation to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Save the Children to support the victims of this war.

About 35,000 civilians evacuated from Ukrainian cities

At least 35,000 civilians were evacuated from several besieged Ukrainian cities on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced.

The leader announced in a video message on Wednesday evening that residents of the cities of Sumy, Enerhodar and areas near the capital Kiev have been evacuated via three humanitarian corridors.

He said he hoped the evacuations would continue on Thursday, with the opening of three other humanitarian corridors from the nine-day besieged cities of Mariupol, Volnovakha (southeast) and Izium (east).

Emmanuel Macron convenes crisis summit of European Union leaders in Versailles

EU heads of state or government will try to lay the foundations for a more sovereign Europe in Versailles on Thursday and Friday after the shock of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which exposed its weaknesses.

The conflict has exposed the EU’s extreme reliance on gas imported from Russia, which limits its ability to act against Moscow. Even if it has passed an unprecedented package of sanctions, Europe will continue to finance Russia through its energy purchases, which it cannot do without in the very short term.

“This summit is that of the European wave, of European sovereignty,” emphasizes one at the Elysée.

Planned meeting between Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers in Turkey

This Thursday, Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers will meet in Antalya, Turkey, to begin talks on the 15th day of this war in Ukraine. A meeting of an unprecedented level since the beginning of the conflict. Serguei Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba are received by Turkish minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has stepped up mediation efforts since the start of the crisis, argued on Wednesday that “Turkey can talk to both Ukraine and Russia”.

“We are working to prevent the crisis from turning into a tragedy,” he emphasized.

A bombed children’s hospital in Mariupol

On Wednesday, a children’s hospital and maternity hospital in the port city of Mariupol were bombed by Russian planes. An act described by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “war crime”.

“The aerial bombardment is the last piece of evidence. The proof that there is a genocide against Ukrainians,” he said in a video message.

According to the latest available report, 17 adults were injured. For his part, the Russian ambassador to France denied any involvement of his country in this bombing, saying “not to target civilian installations”.

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