Liverpool champion for Manchester City? Klopp: ‘The title is unlikely but possible and that’s enough for us’

More than anywhere else, at Anfield, legends are eternal. On Sunday, it is not said that the loudest songs are reserved for Mo Salah or Sadio Mané of the Scousers crowd. Because at the stroke of 5 p.m. it’s a local glory that we try to encourage from a distance: if Liverpool want to become champions, it must necessarily go through Steven Gerrard. We don’t know if he is “better than Lampard” as the number reserved for him says, but this time it will be necessary to be at least as good as Pep Guardiola to allow his club to win another title. †

A distance final will be played on Sunday. At the end of a season where their rivalry never seemed to fade, Manchester City and Liverpool will challenge each other remotely for the crown in a dream scenario for the best league in the world. There is no need to tell stories here. All the ingredients for a legendary Sunday are already here. At home, the Reds will challenge Wolverhampton and, come what may, try to win in the hope of a miracle. This will have to come from the Etihad, where City will receive Gerrard’s Aston Villa while having a slight lead over their rivals.


Liverpool have an exciting Sunday


Manchester City and Liverpool, exciting duel for title race Premier League

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The comeback of 2022

So should Liverpool believe it? More than ever to listen to the players, almost amazed that they managed to keep this tension the whole time. †Honestly, this band is great.James Milner blew on Tuesday after the win against Southampton (1-2) despite a largely overhauled squad. Even the guys who haven’t played as much as they would have liked to have given their all in training every day, with a level of dedication that allows them to show up when needed. It is honestly a special group and a special club. We fight to the end and we will continue to do so. All we can do is push as far as we can

We feel like we really got off the ground in January, we always gave our all to finally bring this fight to the endconfirmed his captain Jordan Henderson at the microphone of Sky Sports. If we remember January, if we had been told we would fight until the last game, we would have signed immediatelyWhatever happens, we can be proud of what we’ve done,,He again followed in the footsteps of a symbolic James Milner of this soul victory, who played the service patches again on Tuesday as right back.

What can I say about this group?pretended to ask Jürgen Klopp afterwards. […] Honestly, I’ve never had a band like this before. They are constantly pushing each other. Tonight was really special and everything worked out thanks to the guys“Liverpool’s achievement is real, because with only two games left this season, one in the Premier League and the other in the Champions League, the dream of quadrupling it is still very much alive. Is it a utopia?

“Hope Aston Villa gives us a present”

The title is unlikely as City will play at home against Aston Villa, who already play on Thursdayadvanced Jurgen Klopp. It will be hard for them against Burnley as they are fighting to survive. But that’s football. I remember City became champion in 2019 thanks to 11 millimeters [un but avait été refusé à Liverpool lors du duel face à City pour onze millimètres, NDLR]† If we want to be champions, we have to win first and Aston Villa have to take a point from City. It is possible. It’s unlikely but it’s possible and that’s enough for us

On Sunday you will certainly hear some unusual rustling at Anfield. Maybe even party if the score at the Etihad changes. The perfect decorum to believe in the exploit. †In these moments it is always difficult to focus on our gamerecognized Jordan Henderson. But we learned a lot from our experience three years ago. We will focus on what we have to do and hope Aston Villa gives us a gift.” And in the end it was Jürgen Klopp who gave the last word, to synthesize the mad hope that caresses an entire city: “Football is sometimes a difficult game…”

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