LoL: A Sports and Esports Partnership in LFL Div 2!

Photo: Atletec

The LFL has taken on a new dimension since the arrival of the Karmine Corp., evidenced by Rekkles’ signatures or the incredible KCX 2 that Bercy filled in just under 10 hours. But if the Kameto team excels like this today, we mustn’t forget where it comes from. Back then, the adventure started in Div 2, the second tier of the French league. Of course, it can no longer rely on the Blue Wall to attract light. However, the teams involved continue to give everything, on and off the pitch, to develop the ecosystem

Between the JL team that can rely on the weight of their influencers, MCES and Izi Dream the former LFL of Lille Esport with his rap, there are beautiful people in Div 2 this year. And as we prepare to party together on Monday for the first Div 2 Day in history, another historic team in the league is making headlines with a very nice collaboration that allows us to forge new ties between esport and sport: it is from Atletec † At the same time, if we are a structure co-founded by the footballer Umut Bozokthis type of crossover is self-evident.

A collaboration with the National Velodrome

In this collaboration, which also promises to be interesting, a number of important axes can be noted Atlétec only for the cycling track from Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Note that the latter has nothing to do with the Olympique de Marseille football stadium. However, this building weighs in on the sports world, it meets Olympic standards and hosts national and international competitions (2024 Olympic Games). The French Cycling Federation is based there and there is also a training center for the French team.

The National Velodrome has announced that it will democratize sports activities through events and streaming… That’s good, the world of esports knows a lot about these two areas. He mainly appeals to young people and on Twitch the crossovers between gaming and traditional sports are piling up (L’Echappée de Domingo, the Five organized by Amine, athletes who start streaming like Rudy Gobert or Gaël Monfils…). In turn, Atletec will benefit from expertise and a culture of performance† An asset par excellence that could be important in the race for the rise of LFL!

The rise in LFL, is it for this year for Atletec?

Atlétec finished the Div 2 Spring Split in 5th place and won 60 championship points† Hoping to move up in LFL by the end of the year will require doing better as only the top two teams from Div 2 will earn their place in the promotion tournament. Fortunately for Atletec, the Summer Split offers a lot more points. Everything is still possible and players can dream of a comeback. However, it will be necessary to be wary of Izi Dream and MCES (defending champions), who will leave beforehand with a small nest egg.

At the moment, Atletec is firmly at the forefront this summer. 4th with 5 wins for 4 losses the team was quite reassuring. After turning his side upside down in the middle of the season (four players left), it’s a remarkable achievement to be positive after five weeks of competition. We can imagine that the players have not yet reached their full collective potential and that bodes well for the future.


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