Macron mocked for his debate (not at all spontaneously) in Poissy

POLITICS – A staging that undermines the macronist narrative of a outgoing president who prefers to debate directly with the French than with the presidential candidates. This Monday evening, March 7, Emmanuel Macron made his first campaign trip to Poissy, a town in Yvelines led by one of his relatives, Karl Olive.

An event built in the form of a debate for 250 inhabitants, organized by the mayor of the city. Except, as several journalists on the ground have pointed out, and as explained in detail by France this Tuesday morning, the room was largely won by the head of state. Witness, especially the applause fed the aid. The radio also reports that the speakers’ questions are planned and written in advance. This is in contrast to the ‘spontaneous’ discussion that the candidate’s entourage sells.

“I have put together a representative panel of residents. They sent me dozens of questions, I chose the most relevant,” assures France inter Karl Olive, who swears that the questions were not sent to Emmanuel Macron in advance. Yet this format offers an ideal angle for opponents of the head of state, who are outraged by his refusal to cross swords with the 11 other contenders for the Elysée on a television set.

“Total Fraud”

“Not only does Emmanuel Macron refuse to debate the other candidates, but his ‘debates’ with the French are exchanges carefully prepared in advance,” National Rally (RN) candidate Marine Le Pen wrote on Twitter.

Same story with Jean Lassalle. “So I went to Poissy. After palavers that started at 5:45 PM and ended at 7:15 PM, the answer fell: impossible to participate in the debate. Long live democracy! He starts his campaign very strong. A not so public public debate,” the presidential candidate tweeted.

On the left, the insurgent deputy Bastien Lachaud denounced a “total deception” committed by the head of state. “The debate Macron sees is the absence of contradiction and comedy,” mocked the one in charge of exactly the events of Jean-Luc Mélenchon for this presidential campaign.

On the same social network, the socialist Boris Vallaud mocked the justification of the President of the Republic, who would rather “debate with the French” than with the other candidates. French “preselected”, added the deputy of the Landes. In return, if Emmanuel Macron wanted to avoid a direct confrontation with his competitors, he lent a flank to speculation about his alleged “fear” of discussing his balance in the face of (real-life) opponents.

Bee HuffPost, the chairman/candidate team denies any staging, making sure the room was not fully acquired by Emmanuel Macron. proof, a subject of RMC report on the mixed reactions of the public at the end of the exercise. As for the pre-planned questions, the candidate’s team confirms that this is a normal process for this kind of “hybrid” format, halfway between the main debate and the public meeting, in order to avoid “the discussion going in all directions”.

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