Marie Bochet “frustrated”, Hyacinthe Deleplace in bronze at the Beijing Paralympic Games

Marie Bochet slipped out the back door. After the second, more precisely. The first Frenchwoman to participate in the Beijing Games, the eight-time Paralympic champion, was expected on the downhill, where she had again won the world title in Lillehammer (Norway) last January. “Some people might say I was under pressure, but absolutely not, I was really good at the start, very nice condition. I had the impression that the further I went to the start, the calmer I became. I have a great I felt comfortable on this descent, I wanted to enjoy myself, express myself »assures the young woman of 28 years between smiling and sobbing.

Hard to explain why she took off her shoes. “There was a small hole, I put my foot in it. The ski is made to take off when startled. It happens. Except that we prefer it when it happens during training, and not on the day of the descent of the Games, cursed Marie Bochet. The mechanics were doing their job, we had checked the tensioners three seconds earlier in the starting cab. After that I may not load this ski enough… There is a lot of frustration. Lots of frustration for not having done more than two doors. I felt that I no longer had the ski under my foot and said to myself: “At the limit it doesn’t matter, I’ll go back up and leave.” But no. “Damn it, it was the descent of the Games!”

“I’ll have to take a step back. […] After all, I never won five medals at the Games. We’ll say I grilled my joker, the next four will be beautiful. †

Four more flights are scheduled for Beaufortaine. “I’ll have to step back. I only have 24 hours (before the Super-G, Sunday)… After all, I never won five medals at the Games. We’ll say I grilled my joker, the next four will be beautiful. † She then hoped that the boys would follow “would make us dream”† And that’s exactly what happened.

Daviet stumbles on stage

Of course, on the biathlon side on Zhangjiakou’s property, standard-bearer Benjamin Daviet stumbled onto the podium (4th). A shooting error that cost him dearly, as he admitted: “Extremely difficult race. I make a stupid mistake on the last one (ball)“I thought I was going to catch up on the skis, but I ended up digging through the entire race. †

But young Arthur Bauchet has masterfully tamed Yanqing’s descent to win a first gold medal at age 21, four years after four silver medals at the Pyeongchang Games.

Deleplace: ‘We would have liked to have done better’

And then, just ahead of him, it was Hyacinthe Deleplace and his guide Valentin Giraud-Moine who opened the counter for the Blues and took 3rd place in their descent in the visually impaired category. Feelings were mixed for both men, having been crowned world champions in January. “In the races we’ve done together, it’s the first time we’re not the first. We shot our statreleased VGM, which only joined Deleplace’s project in December. We are disappointed because we didn’t do our cross country trips. The result is good, it could have been better. †

Hyacinthe Deleplace, directed by Valentin Giraud-Moine. (G. Fuentes/Reuters)

Same story for his sidekick. “We’ll take it (this medal), we are not going to leave it to others. We would have liked to have done better, I would have liked to have done better, Val too. I just didn’t put everything there. Not all the ingredients I could have done two days ago (during the 3rd workout)† I may have missed some relaxation. I made a big mistake at the bottom of the wall, I lost all my speed. Here I did not follow the correct trajectory, I took this bend badly until the arrival in the canyon… Too bad. † From Sunday they get the chance to “put everything back together” on the super G