Matteo Salvini was publicly humiliated on the Ukrainian border

UKRAINE CRISIS – A publicity stunt that doesn’t happen. This Tuesday, March 8, when he hoped to take advantage of the Ukrainian crisis to pay for an international platform, former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini suffered a brutal failure.

A few kilometers from the Ukrainian city of Lviv, on the Polish side of the border where hundreds of thousands of war-expelled Ukrainians have passed through, the identity leader is expected to meet with the mayor of Przemyśl for a joint statement to the press. Surprisingly given his usual stance against migrants and refugees, he hoped to deliver a speech in support of displaced Ukrainians.

But what was Matteo Salvini’s surprise when his interlocutor, Wojciech Bakun, humiliated him in front of the television cameras, sharply accusing him of his admiration for Vladimir Putin.

The local elected official offered in Polish to accompany Matteo Salvini to a Ukrainian refugee camp on the nearby border. And this to “see with his own eyes what his friend Putin has done”, provided he wears a rather special “gift”…

“Funny, clown!”

Because it is this moment that Wojciech Bakun chose to brandish a T-shirt most notably worn by Matteo Salvini in 2014 in Moscow’s Red Square, with a portrait of the Russian president and the inscription “Putin’s Army” .

Quite sheepish about this staging, and to the cries of “buffalo” and “clown” launched by Italian photographers and journalists, the League leader then turned on their heels without speaking.

A disastrous series that in Italy was accompanied by a series of mocking outings on the political stage. Starting with former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who said he had asked his fellow senator to return to the country as soon as possible. “I explained to him that we need politics now, not antics.”

Especially since Wojciech Bakun hadn’t hesitated a little earlier in his speech to distinguish between his host of the day and the rest of the Italian political class. “We want to express our deep appreciation to all Italian organizations, all companies in Italy that support us,” he said.

Matteo Salvini, a notorious Eurosceptic and ardent admirer of Vladimir Putin, is going through a particularly difficult political moment. In particular, his opponents recall his laudatory statements for the Russian president (“Men like him, who have the best interests of their own citizens at heart, it would take dozens of them” or even “I would trade two presidents Mattarella for one.” half Putin”) and the photos in which he appeared wearing clothes depicting the Kremlin master, even in the European Parliament. An obligation that seriously damaged his image on Tuesday.

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