Meanwhile, Sampaoli grows impatient and applies pressure

Between the decision of the DNCG expected next Thursday and a recruitment that is slow, Jorge Sampaoli is concerned in Marseille. However, the OM coach, who puts pressure on Frank McCourt, has not yet made a radical decision for the future and maintains good relations with his chairman Pablo Longoria.

Less than a week before training resumes (scheduled for June 29), and while the DNCG’s decision is due this Thursday (OM hopes to no longer have its payroll audited if the guarantees provided by McCourt are deemed sufficient), Jorge Sampaoli worries.

Recruitment is slow to pick up, big players like Boubacar Kamara and William Saliba seem difficult to replace and some files are already leaving regrets, such as that of Axel Witsel, who Sampaoli had hoped to recover but preferred to sign with the ‘Atletico .

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The Argentine coach is therefore concerned and would even be willing to balance his position if OM does not build a team that is capable of taking on the Champions League.

This is an important topic for the Olympic coach, who was already candidly mentioned at certain press conferences at the end of the season. Knowing the expectations of the supporters in a city as passionate as Marseille, he cannot imagine facing the upcoming deadlines, especially the C1, without a reinforced workforce and quality recruits.

A pressure surge more than a real threat

According to information from RMC Sport, Sampaoli has not yet made a major decision about his future, but simply lets the idea filter out that a departure cannot be ruled out if the Public Prosecution Service does not show more than means and ambitions.

Info or intox, the goal seems clear and it is mainly a matter of putting pressure on the owner Frank McCourt… Sampaoli remains very attached to OM, to the players with whom he has had a very intense season, and his primary wish is to continue his mission. Relations with Pablo Longoria remain good, Sampaoli meets Javier Ribalta, the new football director. And even if disagreements or misunderstandings seem to arise, the Marseille coach, on holiday in Brazil, hopes to be quickly reassured by a few moves and by the owner’s investment, before returning to France.

Relations remain good with Pablo Longoria

Together with RMC Sport, Pablo Longoria confirms that the exchanges are daily and “normal” with the Argentine technician. The transfer market is not easy for many European clubs, but the chairman of OM multiplies the appointments, the negotiations. His relatives say that the leader remains faithful to his line of action more than ever: identifying multiple players in each position to be reinforced, without exceeding the financial limits agreed with the owner.

At OM, we promise that the recruits will arrive and we have become accustomed to the Sampaoli character, often impulsive and concerned because we don’t have enough players. The Olympic coach, focused on the athlete, does not perfectly master all the administrative deadlines waiting for the OM (DNCG, especially financial fair play) and that may have worried the Argentinian a bit. However, those who know Jorge Sampaoli well promise that it is not just a bluff and that the Marseille coach will be very attentive to the next moves in the transfer market and that he will be able to handle anything if the recruitment is not up to him is. expectations. Nevertheless, he has already planned his return to Marseille, with all his associates.