Messi as conductor despite the whistles of the Park

The serious match of Navas, the will of Oudin or the strange atmosphere in the Parc des Princes: find the Tops and Flops of the editors after the match between PSG and Bordeaux (3-0).


Mbappe and Messi do the job

Minimal service. Facing the red lantern and the worst defense in Ligue 1 (68 goals conceded in 28 days), Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi fulfilled their mission, nothing more. The tricolor striker was sometimes clumsy, sometimes caught offside, but didn’t miss his only face-to-face opening the score for Gaëtan Poussin (24th). Mbappé not only escaped the whistling of the crowd, but was praised from start to finish. Unlike Messi, booed at almost all his balls touched. However, the Argentinian often played right on the Paris counterattacks and was at the basis of the three goals. Could have calmed Park’s animosity had his shot at the post (87th) not failed.

His rival, Gianluigi Donnarumma, did not escape the Park’s cheers in the warm-up, four days after his mistake that caused PSG’s fall in Madrid. Keylor Navas, back as holder, was entitled to a much warmer welcome. And he did well. Watchful on Oudin’s long shot from the start (1st), then on Bordeaux’s second attempt at ground level (31st). He took care of the grain during his aerial forays, taking Adli’s hard effort from 16 meters (79th), for a final dive on a half-spindle shot by Mbaye Niang (90th + 4). Faultless for the Costa Rican.

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Oudin, the lighthouse at night in Bordeaux

What to remember from this trip to the Parc des Princes for the Girondins de Bordeaux? The entrance to Sékou Mara, probably. The efforts of Rémi Oudin, for sure. Positioned as a left-hand piston, the former Rémois was poison to the PSG defence. From the start, he forced Keylor Navas to deflect his shot from the right to 20 yards for a corner (1st). Bis repeated on a shot from the left after a hook for Nuno Mendes (31st). He also caused mischief for Hakimi, without his center finding a taker (34th). His subtle shift to Elis saw another parade of Navas (65th), useless due to a previous offside by Hwang.


A heavy atmosphere

It is one of the most heartbreaking matches that Ligue 1 has delivered this season. First of all, there is this animosity of much of the crowd in the Parc des Princes, the ultras in the lead, against their own team. Whistling, provocative and protest songs (“Leaders resign”, “Olé” on Bordeaux passes…), unleashed the supporters. It hasn’t surpassed anyone on the lawn, whether it was Parisians who couldn’t set the pace or Girondins who gave up quickly as their club heads straight for Ligue 2. if mr. Letexier had whistled the end of the game 30 minutes earlier, no doubt the players on both sides would have thanked him.

Bordeaux, still too limited

If Rémi Oudin stood out so much, it is also because there is not much to remember from this match for Bordeaux. The situations or opportunities came more from individual exploits or leaps from Parisian concentrations than from Girondin’s collective moves. Bordeaux not only offered nothing offensively, but also did not offer an optimal block. Messi but also Neymar and Paredes roamed between the lines. Hakimi delivered a decisive surplus for Neymar’s 2nd Paris goal (52nd). The good will of Sékou Mara and Mbaye Niang, who came in at the end of the match, contrasted with the absence of Gironde energy in the second half. It is certainly not in Paris that Bordeaux would win its maintenance. But at this rate, he’s getting nowhere.