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For this year 2022, Montpellier renews its support for investments by sports associations for an amount of 500,000 euros. (©Pixabay / AndrzejRembowski)

Territory labeled Terre de Jeux 2024 through the organizing committee of the olympic and paralympic games, the city of Montpellier wants to pay attention to the accessibility of physical and sporting activities. In this process, it mobilizes alongside clubs to support them in their sporting project.

The Terre de Jeux 2024 label: sport changes lives!

The “Terre de Jeux 2024” label aims to unite a community of local actors who believe that sport changes lives. Within it, everyone will be able to enrich themselves with the experiences of the entire network, reveal the best of their territory and give visibility to the actions and projects of their community.

Since the registrations opened in June 2019, more than 2,800 communities and structures of the sports movement, such as regions, departments, intermunicipalities, cities, sports federations and even embassies, have been labeled across France. Label holders have privileged access to the tools, information and events of Paris 2024.

Finally, the label also means the opportunity to invest more by applying for Games Preparation Center status and perhaps welcoming a delegation of the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees who want to train in France before 2024.

So it renews its this year investment aid for sports associations up to the height of €500,000

What are the conditions for a subsidy?

The project of each association is valued by the city of Montpellier son the following criteria:

  • Its importance with regard to the development of physical and sports activities on the scale of the territory
  • Its relevance to the activity of the association and the discipline concerned
  • The viability of its business model, both in terms of investment and operation

Capital expenditures and nothing else

Not all sports club expenses are eligible for this grant. Indeed, it should only be a matter of capital expendituresuch as the purchase of IT resources, equipment directly related to the activity of the structure or transport vehicles that are ideally environmentally friendly.

The grant awarded to each project is capped at: €40,000 and Up to 70% of eligible expenditure of the project. The minimum amount for a subsidy application has been reduced to €1,000 take into account the needs of small associations.

Deadlines to meet

Grant applications to the City of Montpellier are supervised by: a schedule to follow

  • Publication of the call for projects: from 22 April 2022
  • Application Deadline: May 30, 2022
  • File Analysis: June 2022
  • Validation of the supported projects and the award of grants: City Council of July 2022
> Practical : From April 22, all candidate sports associations will be called upon to submit the project on the site of the City of Montpellier, either directly online or by downloading a submission file to be physically returned to the town hall.

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