Mother and devoted wife: who was Nadia, the gendarme who set himself on fire in Montpellier?

Since the announcement of her suicide, messages have been pouring in to pay tribute to Nadia Mostefa, police officer and mother, who set herself on fire in Montpellier on Wednesday, March 16. They create the portrait of a woman who is devoted to her country and at the service of others.

Nadia Mostefa took her own life on Wednesday March 16 by setting herself on fire in her car in Montpellier. Since the announcement of her death, testimonials of support have multiplied on social networks, where the police officer and mother were very active. With, in the hollow, the portrait of a committed woman whose cracks few suspected.

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Mother of a 5-year-old son, whom she had just lost custody of

According to our information, the announcement of the loss of custody of her son could be the cause of Nadia Mostefa’s desperate gesture. The 40-year-old victim was the mother of a six-year-old child. “Rest in peace dear captain, we will watch over your child,” the mayor of Montpellier Michaël Delafosse reported this Thursday, March 17, in a post in tribute to the deceased gendarmerie on Facebook.

Working in the Hérault since 2019

Nadia Mostefa was a gendarmerie officer, with the rank of captain. She arrived in the Hérault in 2019 as director of human resources of the departmental group.

Previously, she held the positions of communications director and chief of staff in other gendarmerie groups, notably in Bourgogne Franche-Comté and in the Lyon region. According to the Hérault gendarmerie group, quoted by the Parisianthe soldier had been on sick leave for several months.

“She knew better than anyone how to choose the words. She was a worthy ambassador for the Gendarmerie,” the National Gendarmerie’s official air force account tweeted.

Very involved in community life

“Nadia, we will miss your radiant smile… Rest in peace…” The message was quickly posted by the Képis Pescalune, the Hérault association that supports orphans of the gendarmerie. As soon as she arrived at the ward, Nadia Mostefa joined them.

“She was a beautiful person, humanly cute and who meant a lot to us. She passed her smile, full of light, in a day”, the president of the Kepis Pescalune, Christophe Caumes, confided to us on Thursday.

Nadia, your radiant smile ud83dudc44will be missed…ud83dudd4aRest in peace…ud83dude4f
Know that we will not forsake those you hold dear…
Because you counted FOR US so they can always count on US…ud83dudc99?u2764@GendyGentil @NadiaDu57EtDu34

— Kepis Pescalunes (@KepisPescalunes) March 17, 2022

In particular, the gendarme had participated in the organization of several Telethons. In 2019, she led a major flash mob at the Geoffroy Guichard stadium in Saint-Étienne, which raised tens of thousands of euros for the Gendarmes de Coeur association.

More recently, she has been locally instigated by “solidarity masks”, with the aim of connecting designers and citizens to provide masks to the general public at the onset of the coronavirus epidemic.

A social media personality

Since the announcement of his death, expressions of condolence have increased in number. They all emphasize the victim’s commitment to his country, but above all to help others. and it is on social networks that they are the most numerous.

Because according to her functions and her transfers, Nadia Mostefa had forged a solid network on Twitter, where she alternated professional publications, personal points of view and humor. Since this Thursday, his 5,000 subscribers have been paying tribute to him.

“Thank you for your efforts, thank you for being who you were”, “Her smile was the reflection of a genuinely devoted, altruistic, empathetic, generous person”, “In the eyes of the gendarmerie world you were a sun, you were my sun“… we can read on Twitter.

May you finally find peace Nadia. Thank you for your commitment, thank you for being who you were. Our thoughts go out to your little one and your loved ones. #NadiaMostefa

“…Julia! u2601ufe0f (@MidnightMinus2) March 18, 2022

No one will ever be able to replace you. In the eyes of the gendarmerie world you were a sun, you were my sun. I miss you so much already. You were able to find the words and be a true friend when I needed it. Thanks for everything. #NadiaMostefa

— Aurora Mdln (@AccroRore) March 17, 2022