Narbonne: accused of assaulting his son, Gilles Belzons defends himself

In an article published on the site of France Bleu Hérault, the ex-girlfriend of the president of the Narbonnais Racing club confirms that the father of their child touched or even raped the eight-year-old boy. The deluge of articles published on the internet prompted Gilles Belzons to respond during a press conference.

The restaurant Maison Bébelle was packed on Monday afternoon. In the hall, the ban and the back order of the Racing club Narbonnais read about a man: Gilles Belzons. In tears, the president of the RCN, a former local and Béziers player, was on hand to explain himself after the publication of an article on the France bleu Hérault website. Gilles Belzons is thus accused of rape and assault by his ex-partner on their child, who is now eight years old. A procedure that actually took almost two years.

Two diaries, a simple complaint, a civil suit complaint

Indeed, in mid-May 2020, the mother would have gained the confidence of the boy who reported touching, even rape, of his father. After two handrails, she filed a simple complaint on October 21. At the end of three months of investigation that qualifies the mother’s attorney as: “dirty” , the file is closed without follow-up by the Public Prosecution Service. On February 19, 2021, a civil suit was filed, automatically leading to referral to an investigating judge, with the mother pointing out that the child allegedly repeated the allegations several times in front of health professionals.“In his statements the child is constant, he is perfectly able to explain and describe his father’s actions and gives details that his mother was not aware of”

writes the complainant’s lawyer in a letter addressed to the public prosecutor of Narbonne, dated November 23, 2021. Gilles Belzons, who until then had wanted to remain discreet in order to do justice, returned to the chronology of the facts. “After the delivery, the mother decided not to entrust the child to me, and not to respect the court decisions that allowed me to keep him on the weekend. I first filed a complaint because the child did not show up.” A month later,“a gendarme came accompanied by a lady to search the house and I was called into police custody in October” explains Gilles Belzons. “The investigation, described as sloppy, was then followed by two gendarmes, two child psychiatrists and a child protection psychologist. For four months I never went to school to let the detectives do their thing. I had the slightest concern, I think I would have tried to reach my son to bring him to his senses, pointing him to comments that would purify me.

Pressure from the mother on the child After the classification without succession, the rugby player therefore wanted to recover his son every other weekend and seize the juvenile court: “On May 6, 2021, the family judge spoke about pressure from the mother on the child. He then granted me full joint custody: from two weekends I went to one week out of two! When I went to pick up my son on Friday. me in front of a squadron of people who have gathered in front of the school I step back again On June 11 I go to school: the principal tells me to move because there have been problems all week My son was safe in his office. She wanted to make sure he was afraid of his father. She let him in: he came to the sprint crying and jumped around my neck!”

Status of assisted witnesses In November, when he is summoned by the investigating judge, Gilles Belzons will be heard and will repeat the comments he made during his arrest. At the end of his interrogation, he is placed under the status of assisted witness (**).“All educators have submitted a report stating that the father posed no danger and that the mother played a very worrisome role with the child. It was posted in December: If we suspect the father of incest, that can be explained, but why take did she take him away from his mother too?” hammers the rugby player again and quotes the juvenile judge in his order of placement:

“The mother claims she is the only spokesperson for her child, but sometimes seems to mislead him, such as when she calls Mr. Belzons a pedophile in front of him.”

I think my son has been brainwashed But how do you explain the child’s constant remarks about the touch he would have undergone? Gilles Belzons does not avoid the question: “Yes, he says it: one day yes, the next no. I think my son was indoctrinated by his mother and he created two lives for himself, one with his father, one with his mother who went into hysteria from where they There are people who, by making up stories, eventually come to believe it: it becomes sickly. And the differing opinions of health professionals?

“She chose those who go in her direction, those who have not been appointed by the courts. She is a health professional and therefore knows people: I confirm that medical certificates have been issued.” Today Racing’s president has faith in justice:

“I’m patiently waiting for my eviction. But it’s not me who counts, it’s my son who is in psychological danger.”

We tried four times this Monday 7th March to contact Me Hayet Djefaflia, from Montpellier’s bar, to no avail.

(**) The assisted witness is a criminally involved person against whom

clues may point to his guilt. This status differs from the indictment for which serious or similar indications must be noted.The public prosecutor regrets that the file has been brought to the public square m and Hayet Djefaflia, the lawyer for the mother and child, questioned on the site of France Bleu Hérault the investigative services that were eligible, in particular the first procedure closed without follow-up of “dirty”.Likewise, Gilles Belzons’ ex-girlfriend suggests that the latter could have enjoyed protections related to his status as a notable. Eric Camous, prosecutor of Narbonne, has “take note of the statements made by the mother of the child in this file”

† However, he regrets “that the assessment of the content of the investigations is carried out in the public square rather than within the framework of a procedure that respects the principle of adversarial proceedings and the presumption of innocence”.