NEAT, or how to lose calories without exercising

The NEAT, or Thermogenesis without exercise activity in English stands for all forms of activity that are not related to sports that still cause you to lose a few calories. In other words, it represents all the activities of daily living that you regularly do, such as walking to go shopping or taking the stairs, that encourage you to move and thus burn calories. Not to be confused with HIIT which is a real sport, NEAT is more for sedentary people who don’t feel like or have time to jog or go to the gym. While NEAT isn’t as effective as a real cardio or strength workout, it does have certain benefits and can sometimes help you lose a few pounds and stay in shape.

Everyone does NEAT

Without necessarily knowing it, everyone does NEAT during the day, but the observed results are not the same for everyone. Depending on metabolism, age or muscle mass, nothing guarantees a comparable result with the same effort. Those who really want to lose weight should therefore preferably turn to a specialist. Although recommended for helping to combat sedentary lifestyles, NEAT is not a miracle cure and cannot replace a healthy diet and lifestyle. The ideal would therefore be to combine this practice with other sports activities and a healthy diet.

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How to increase the practice of NEAT?

However, if it seems something quite simple and natural to do, it is sometimes complicated to implement this practice, especially for sedentary people who work in the office, for example. But don’t panic, in the NEAT every little move counts and there are plenty of ways to stay active, even during office hours. The trick is to never shy away from a task that requires physical exertion, and put the people in the closet!

  • Then we prefer to walk or cycle to work, and if the car or public transport is unavoidable, we park further away, or we go down a few stations before our end point. With this little morning walk you can also get a breath of fresh air and start your day better.
  • We say goodbye to elevators and other escalators and we muscle our buttocks by taking the stairs.
  • We walk with our pet further or longer. You can even play and run with it for a few minutes.
  • At home we forget the kneading machines and electric whisks to use the strength of our arms as much as possible.
  • We make our interiors shine and we burn bad fats by vacuuming or washing the windows.
  • We let off steam and dance to our favorite music as regularly as possible, which also helps to get rid of stress.
  • We use little trick tricks like sitting on a Swiss ball to build our abs or doing our meetings standing up.

There are many possibilities to stay in a better condition without giving the impression of playing sports. However, we remind you that it is still advisable and important to do at least 15 to 20 minutes of exercise a day and adopt a healthy lifestyle to be in good health.

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