news on Monday 1

The most important news in New Caledonia this morning: a new reduction in health problems, a rape case in Lifou that was ruled on appeal or the seven medals that de Cagous won in the French Climbing Cup.

Six months after the end of Covid-free in New Caledonia, the health measures taken to deal with this crisis are experiencing further relief.

  • As of today, you no longer have to show a pass to go to the cinema, restaurant, gym, theater or museum. Please note that it is still required to access health facilities.
  • The inner mask is no longer mandatory from the age of eleven, but from the age of eighteen.
  • School outings can be resumed, just like indoor sports activities at school.
  • And the meters disappear, for the festivals as well as the usual gatherings and the religious ceremonies.

All of these measures are on trial for two weeks. The one that went almost unnoticed was the end of the mandatory outdoor mask.

The first session of the assizes of 2022 will resume this Monday in the courthouse of Nouméa. After five days devoted to the murder of Tina’s golf course, today and tomorrow the Court of Appeal is investigating the rape of a teacher in Lifou in November 2018. At first instance, in October 2020, the accused, usual responsible and son of a grand chief, was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Nina Julié, the spokeswoman for Générations NC, guest on Monday’s radio morning. An interview can be found on our website.

Last night, the television news hosted National Rally member Guy-Olivier Cuénot to discuss his support for Marine Le Pen in the presidential election. An interview can also be found on our site this morning.

another appointment, Country questions, on the radio, on Monday after the noon news. Claudette Trupit and her guests talk about international tourism. Or how to revive the sector after two years of health crisis.

This morning, 26 municipalities received a yellow alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms: Belep; all of Grande Terre except Canala, Kouaoua, Houaïlou and Ponérihouen; and mare.

Good news for the 300 or so residents of Païta who have been living on the other side of the landslide, at the Katiramona pass, on the RT1 for a year. Next Monday they have to go back to using the “old road”, as they say. The first two phases of the work have been completed: traffic will travel in two lanes with a speed limit of 50 km/h. A tender should soon be launched for the continuation of the site, which should last until the end of the year without hindering the comings and goings.

Agents of “Affmar”, New Caledonia’s Maritime Affairs Department and the Coral Sea Park Service have filed a strike notice. Strike planned from 7:30 am to 8:25 am this morning in front of the property, located in Nouville.

Driven by a union that unites the Federation of Civil Servants and the Soenc Civil Service, the movement is linked to personnel problems, operational difficulties, transfer of missions or even personnel. And to the management of the Coral Sea Park.

In the schools of Noumea, the election campaign is launched today to renew the CMJ. The junior city council will be elected for two years on Thursday 28 April by more than three thousand students from CE2, CM1 and CM2. This week, aldermen will visit the branches. Starting this Monday with Charles-Bichon in the orphanage, Jacques-Trouillot in Rivière-Salée and Maurice-Fonrobert in Kaméré. Small voters receive a superhero style explanatory booklet and voting materials.

Plantation rich in emotions yesterday, in Nouméa on the flanks of Ouen Toro. The WWF paid tribute to one of them, who passed away last month. Roger Mathivet volunteered with the Caledonian branch for thirteen years. There is a plot named after his name.

From a sporting point of view, these beautiful results of the Cagous who took part in the French Climbing Cup in Besançon, in the east of France. On Saturday Paris time, the Caledonians took four gold medals, one silver and two bronze.

Paco Lehmann from Nouméa escalade wins in less than sixteen years. Max Mengual of the Gecko club wins in U18. His clubmates Lily Rose Bernard and Lucas Ghesquière won in U20.

Silver for Bassa Mawem in the seniors, bronze for Matteo Micouleau Vermorel (U18) and Yann Le Clercq de Lannoy (seniors). Towards the championship of France, this weekend, in Massy, ​​​​​​in île-de-France.