Nine killed in Russian TV tower bombing

at 19and day of the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, a new session of negotiations, opened on Monday, March 14 in the morning between envoys from Kiev and Moscow, was interrupted to resume tomorrow. Nine people were killed in a bombing raid on a television antenna by Russian troops in the west of the country. The United States expressed concern about the close relationship between Chinese and Russians over the invasion of Ukraine after a meeting in Rome with representatives from Beijing.

► United States concerned about Chinese position after meeting in Rome

On Monday morning, March 14, new negotiations were opened between Russian and Ukrainian officials in a certain optimism. But a statement from the Kremlin in the afternoon came as a chill. “In order to ensure the maximum security of the civilian population, the Ministry of Defense does not rule out the possibility of taking full control of the large cities that are already surrounded”said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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A statement contrary to Kiev’s demands. “Our positions have not changed: peace, an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of all Russian troops, and only then can we talk about our neighborly relations and our political differences”said an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Interrupted during the day, talks between Russians and Ukrainians are expected to resume next Tuesday at noon. In addition, the United States has considered: “very disturbing” alignment of Russia with China, after a meeting of several hours in Rome between senior representatives of the two countries.

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For his part, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal asked the Council of Europe: “immediate deportation” Russia from this pan-European human rights organization, which would be a first in its history. The organization’s Committee of Ministers will meet on Thursday to decide.

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Finally, the International Court of Justice has indicated that it will rule on Wednesday in the proceedings started by Kiev, in which the Court is asked to order Moscow to stop its invasion of Ukraine.

► Explosions near Europe’s largest nuclear power plant

Ukraine accuses the Russian army of once again cutting power to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, now under Moscow’s control. While the Ukrainian authorities had indicated the day before that they had restored power to the old plant, ‘Occupational forces have damaged the weather’said the site’s Ukrainian operator, Ukrenergo, on Monday.

In addition, Ukraine has accused the Russian army of detonating munitions near a reactor at Zaporijjia, Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, which is controlled by Kremlin soldiers.

► Bomb attacks on a television tower kill nine people

An attack on a residential building in Kiev left 2 dead and 12 injured, Ukrainian relief said, as fighting raged near the capital. “The residents bombed a residential building and the Antonov factory. According to an initial report, two people were killed and seven injured. according to the town hall. The capital is now “under siege”, assures an adviser to the Ukrainian president. Two people were also killed in a shelling in Kharkov.

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For their part, newly promoted separatists in Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine) claimed that a Ukrainian strike, according to the local health ministry, had killed at least 16 people (23 according to the Russian Commission of Inquiry) and left nine injured in the center of this large industrial city. The Ukrainian army denied this attack.

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Separately, nine people were killed and nine injured on Monday in a Russian military attack on a television tower near the western Ukrainian city of Rivne, local authorities said. President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to urge NATO to establish a no-fly zone over the country.

► The IMF fears a 35% drop in Ukrainian GDP

At least 596 people have died, according to a UN count. A balance that the organization considers much lower than reality. According to UNICEF, “31 attacks on healthcare have been documented”doing “at least 12 killed and 34 injured”. An American journalist was killed on Sunday while covering the refugee situation.

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In addition, 2.8 million people fled the country after the start of the conflict, not counting the 2 million IDPs. The IMF has indicated that Ukraine’s economy could shrink by up to 35% if the war stalled.