North Isere. Who will be your “legend of legends” of sports?

Rugby: Julien Bonnaire

This is the third rugby player in the cast of Nord-Isère sports legends legends. Child of the land, the Saint-Savinois won the vote of the 2010s ahead, in particular Mélina Robert-Michon. While this decade may not match his years under the colors of the CSBJ, Bonnaire richly adorned his prize list with Clermont and the French team in the early 2010s. Another champion to complete this picture.

Reminder of the results for the 2010 decade:

➤ 1. Julien Bonnaire (rugby): 40%
➤ 2. Mélina Robert-Michon (athletics): 36%
➤ 3. Florian Jouanny (handisport): 9%
➤ 4. Cyril Dumoulin (handball): 6%
➤ 5. Alexandre Peclier (rugby): 5%
➤ 6. Bogdan Leonte (rugby): 3%
➤ 7. Yann David (rugby): 1%

Handisport: Rudi Van den Abbeele

The six-time medalist of the Paralympic Games in 1984 and 1988 won the vote for his decade without a doubt. The future seven-year-old sits in the Paralympic sports authorities today and heads the CSBJ Handisport. After his 1980s Legends of Sport win in February, he said in our columns that he needed mental resources to recover from the poliomyelitis that afflicted him when he was only ten months old: “Child, to show off or to get noticed, you had to be a bit of a jerk in class, I admit… […] In three weeks I will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the end of my studies and my friends often tell me that they never thought I would get this far. I tell them I could never have done it if I hadn’t contracted polio! †

Reminder of the results for the 80s:

➤ 1. Rudi Van den Abbeele (handisport): 53%
➤ 2. Gilles Cassagne (rugby): 21%
➤ 3. Pierre Quinon (pole vault): 10%
➤ 4. Michel Robert (riding): 7%
➤ 5. Jean-Pierre Pesteil (rugby): 6%
➤ 6. Bernard Vallet (cycling): 3%

Rugby: Sebastien Chabal

Almost eighteen years after playing his last game in the air and garnet colors of the CSBJ, Sébastien Chabal’s rating is intact in Nord-Isère. The former third-line won the vote of the legend of the 2000s without a doubt when he faced many former Berjallian playing partners or even Olympic champion boxer Brahim Asloum. If he gained international fame by leaving Bourgoin-Jallieu, he nevertheless remains associated with the club where he played for six seasons.

Recall of the results for the decade 2000:

➤ 1. Sebastien Chabal (rugby): 38%
➤ 2. Morgan Parra (rugby): 14%
➤ 3. Gwendal Peizerat (ice dancing): 14%
➤ 4. Brahim Asloum (boxing): 13%
➤ 5. Pascal Pape (rugby): 10%
➤ 6. Julien Frier (rugby): 5%
➤ 7. Lionel Nallet (rugby): 4%
➤ 8. Benjamin Boyet (rugby): 2%

Rugby: Jacky Bouquet

“The Blonde Angel”, which captivated the public along the railings of CS Vienne and CS Bourgoin-Jallieu, was the first sports legend retained by our readers for the 1970s. Atypical player for his time, he shone outside the department with a few V Nations tournaments to his credit and many epics when France’s XV opened to the world between the late 1950s and early next decade.

Reminder of the results for the 1970s:

➤ 1. Jacques Bouquet (rugby): 30%
➤ 2. Jean Djorkaeff (football): 26%
➤ 3. Joel Casagrande (handball): 20.4%
➤ 4. Guy Betbeder (rugby): 11.6%
➤ 5. Gilles Delaigue (rugby): 7.1%
➤ 6. Serge Dunet (rugby): 4.9%

Handball: Stephane Stoecklin

The Berjallian handball player who wrote the first beautiful pages of the Blues on the international stage was your legend of the 90s. an intact love classification in his native region, he who now lives in Thailand. An emblematic figure of the Bronzés de Barcelona (1992) and then of the Barjots World Champions (1995), Stoecklin said he was honored to have won this trophy: “It’s always nice when people remember you a little bit. I am all the more moved when we talk about the region where I was born and to which I am still very attached. The hall of the sports palace [de Bourgoin-Jallieu, NDLR] bears my name, it’s nice to leave a trail. †

Reminder of the results for the 90s:

➤ 1. Stéphane Stoecklin (handball): 34.50%
➤ 2. Olivier Milloud (rugby): 23.2%
➤ 3. Denis Lathoud (handball): 18.1%
➤ 4. Stéphane Glas (rugby): 17%
➤ 5. Yann Delaigue (rugby): 3.3%
➤ 6. Laurent Leflamand (rugby): 2%
➤ 7. Alexandre Chazalet (rugby): 1.9%