“Nothing to Lose” Against England, Laure Sansus Launches Grand Slam Final

A few days before the highly anticipated France-England final of the Women’s Six Nations Tournament next Saturday in Bayonne, Blue scrum half Laure Sansus believes her team will not come under pressure against English favourites. Whoever was voted best player of the match in the win against Wales, registering her fifth and sixth attempts since the start of the competition, entrusts RMC Sport. With the World Cup in mind.

Laure Sansus, in which: state of mind are you a few days away from the final of the tournament that could offer you a Grand Slam?

I am very impatient. We have been here (in Marcoussis) for a few weeks now and we are doing everything we can to make it to this competition. That’s it, we’re coming and we can’t wait to be there.

How is the preparation going?

We had two days of recovery after Wales. We slowly attacked again with lots of video. In the end we haven’t changed much compared to the other races, we are in our routine. We stay on our usual schedules, we are in the same process. We don’t change because it’s a final against the English. We stay in what we control.

How do you beat England, who also won the first four games?

I think there will be a big part to play in the head. We know, it’s a final, everything is played on a match. We’re going to have to align strategically because they’re a steamroller physically, they’ve been playing the same game for years and they’re mastering it to perfection. In certain sectors we will have to be smarter when confronted with them.

“We feel this enthusiasm”

You leave outsiders behind: is that less crowded?

Yes, because we have nothing to lose. They are defending champions, we have a series of defeats against them (note: eight losses and a draw since the last win). The worst that can happen to us is to win. Otherwise we will do as in previous years. We have absolutely nothing to lose, we are six months away from the World Cup. We’re playing the tournament, but we’re looking a little further, so we don’t have much to lose.

Feeling a new craze around women’s rugby?

Yes, even more in the French team. We see the stadiums filling up, there is a demand for it. Today there is media everywhere, we emerged from the traditional media that usually follow us. We feel it, whether it’s the public, the media, the viewers in front of their television. Then it has to follow in the club, but in the French team we feel this enthusiasm and it is something that drives us.

How do you fight against those who tell you that rugby is a man’s sport?

We will not remove that immediately. If you ask around today, there will always be someone who will tell you. We are here to live our history, to write it, to help our sport. We may not be the ones who will benefit the most, but we also work for those who will arrive later. The more we show a good image, the more important matches we will win and the faster women’s rugby will develop.

A sold out stadium on Saturday in Jean-Dauger, does that count?

That counts, of course, next to Bayonne. We know it’s an audience that will stand behind us. That certainly counts. It’s what we like, what we want. We played in empty stadiums for a long time. There is no better way to go to Bayonne in a packed stadium to play a final against the English.

“The Blues? We’re Inspired by Strategy”

The goal is to repeat the boys’ achievement and win this tournament?

That is of course the goal. After the boys have written their story, we write ours. But for our history it is important to have this title. As for rugby in France, having both boys’ and girls’ titles can be huge. We know the values ​​of our sport, rugby.

The XV of France man, is it an inspiration?

We watch them from a distance. We see how they work, their state of mind. It’s more about working in a group. Rugby today morphologically, physically we can’t play it the same way. But we are inspired by the strategy, on the group side. We try to look at what they do and take what works best for us.

The World Cup will take place in New Zealand in six months, is this goal already in mind?

Of course it’s in people’s minds, it’s a World Cup that should have been played already. It’s been postponed for a year (due to the Covid) so everyone has it in mind and can’t wait to get started. There we play the Tournament and we return to the club to play the phases and then we have a few days of vacation and we leave for the preparation for the World Cup. It will go very quickly and we will have to put our heads in it quickly if we don’t want to underperform in New Zealand.