Nutripure the outsider of the dietary supplement is a great success

Nutripure is above all a family story. The company and brand specialized in nutritional supplements was founded in 2018 in Donneville, near Toulouse, by the brothers Christophe and Florent Carrio. World champion karate, the first could not find a brand that met his requirements. Together they invent and develop a wide range of products that are intended for experienced or amateur athletes as well as for people concerned about their health. With sports and health as their main concerns, the two brothers have put product quality and purity, transparency and price at the heart of the development of Nutripure.

“Christophe was a five-time world karate champion. He then suffered a serious calf injury, which predicted the end of his career. He decided to completely change his training method and diet, which were not respectful enough for his body as he approached his thirties and in tune with his needs, he created a new training method through which he managed to resume a sporting activity and become a new world champion.After retirement, he continued to offer his method to his community of 300,000 people on social networks. It applies to both elite athletes as people aging and allows many people to maintain a sporting activity.In the end of 2017, Christophe suggested that I make a series of supplements because he could not find what he needed.On the other hand, he realized that everything he consumed was stuffed with controversial devices,” said Florent Carrio, co-founder there from Nutripure and engineer by profession.

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Source raw materials

The two brothers therefore combined Christophe’s experience with nutritional supplements and Florent’s knowledge of the industrial environment and notions of production and quality to create their own brand, Nutripure. Thanks to Christophe’s community, the business quickly became a success. The distinguishing factor lies in the quality of the composition of its products. Nutripure opts for the “best raw materials” from the market, branded, licensed, more expensive ingredients, which it purchases itself from the four corners of the world. The company has a cost of raw materials that is on average 60% higher than raw materials. However, this is not reflected in the selling price of its products, which remains “coherent”.

If the ingredients are sourced all over the world, the processing, production and design of the products are carried out entirely in France by the manufacturers of the brand. For example, 60% of production takes place in Occitania.

“Classic food supplements contain quite harmful additives. Supplements are taken to do good and paradoxically this is not quite the case. The raw materials we select have already had scientific studies proving their effectiveness. We have quite restrictive specifications where our subcontractors do that our products do not work with dubious additives.

Our products have a higher cost price. But in order to have a correct selling price, we buy our raw materials ourselves to eliminate the margin of an intermediary. This also allows us to have good traceability of what we buy. We then set up an e-commerce site to sell our products directly without the margin of a sales intermediary such as a pharmacy for example, where the margins are around 30 to 40%, which mechanically would have led to a higher selling price,” explains the manager of the company, based in Deyme, south-east of Toulouse.

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A quick success all over France

Today, 90% of Nutripure’s sales are made through the trading site of the same name. In its catalog it refers to some fifty products made in France. Among them: food supplements of all kinds (vitamins, amino acids, proteins, plants, etc.) as well as nutritious food products (flour, muesli, porridge, etc.). Nutripure completes its range with about ten new products per year. Since the inception of the brand, the e-commerce site has registered just over 200,000 orders for nearly 100,000 customers. All his transactions are: 95% made to French speaking countries (90% France).

The remaining 10% of the brand’s turnover is realized in BtoB, thanks to the distribution network. The latter consists of almost 200 points of sale, mainly gyms, food stores and pharmacies throughout France.

30 million turnover within 5 years

The health crisis had a positive effect on Nutripure’s business as it sparked “people’s interest in their health”.

“Since the Covid, many people have decided to change their lifestyle by doing yoga, doing some sports at home, etc. There is a positive effect on health awareness and hygiene of life that has increased enormously during the Covid. We saw an increase in sales of all dietary supplements, in the area of ​​health. And paradoxically we have experienced a decrease across the entire range related to the practice of indoor sports, especially bodybuilding. So these two effects have made the Covid- effect neutralized earlier”, the 37-year-old entrepreneur analyzes.

Despite the health crisis, the Haute-Garonne company is achieving staggering growth. Indeed, in its first year of activity, in 2018, the company passed the one million euro turnover mark. In 2022, it must close its fiscal year with a turnover of 11 million euros. The latter amounted to 7 million euros in the previous financial year with a growth of 65%. The ambition of the family business is to exceed 30 million euros within 5 years.

An innovative approach in a saturated market

For example, in a French nutritional supplement market that has been dominated by giant pharmaceutical labs and large groups like Nutergia for decades, Nutripure seems like an outcast. The newcomer explains his rapid growth by his different approach to the business, which gives him access to a level of “higher scalability”.

“What sets our range apart from that of historic competitors is the fact that we come up with innovative formulas. We eliminate all harmful additives such as titanium dioxide or silica dioxide from our formulas. In addition, e-commerce is a break as historically the nutritional supplements are more likely to be sold in traditional networks where distribution margins exist.

To maintain this trajectory, improve and expand the brand, several people must be regularly recruited to strengthen the current workforce of 20 employees. Positions will be opened in areas such as BtoB, marketing and influence. Until November 2019, the date of the company’s first recruitment, Florent Carrio only worked on the development of the company. †There are quite regular recruitments, about every two months. In 5 years we’re talking about 15 to 20 extra peoplespecifies the latter.

Reach a wider audience

To entice a different audience, Nutripure has created the first cocoa and hazelnut spread, without oil, without added sugar and containing 50% fewer calories than a traditional spread. She has developed an innovative recipe in which the oil is replaced by red beans and the refined sugar is replaced by dates. The Nutripure spread, launched in March, has been a huge success. In the future, the company wants to further develop its food range and develop similar products that are intended for a larger part of the population, not necessarily sporty but with attention to what they get on their plate.

“A whole generation has been fed ultra-processed and ultra-sweetened industrial products. Today we see the damage that this is doing to the population, especially in the areas of diabetes and obesity. In the nutritional aspect that the “that we defend, it is very important to have fun while eating. We are opening up to the general public and are aware that we have to offer products that are also consumed by the Sunday athlete,” concludes the company manager.

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