Oloron aims to develop sports health with new courses in the city center

“Sports health development was part of our campaign axes,” recalls Oloron Mayor Bernard Uthurry. “We know that practicing physical activity helps to fight against…

“Sports health development was part of our campaign axes,” recalls Oloron Mayor Bernard Uthurry. “We know that practicing physical activity helps fight chronic diseases.”

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“At the moment, the city is fully thinking about developing an environment that is conducive to the health of all generations. This requires urban development with the creation of routes that allow walking or cycling, as we do in the streets Barthou and Révol ”, explains Anne Saouter, assistant for social cohesion. “In collaboration with the community of municipalities, we also want to promote prescription sports as part of the local health contract. This device has a preventive effect and also enables people with chronic diseases to better manage their daily lives.

Towards Weekly Activities

“The establishment of this village is a first attempt. The long-term idea is to offer sports health activities to the public every week,” assures Sébastien Allongue, director of the City Life division. “We have many routes in the suburbs: the goal is to also offer infrastructure in the inner city, with equipment and spaces for street workout. Within three or four years we should be able to play sports in the heart of the city.”

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“The people of Oloro are participating in the implementation of the project, thanks to the suggestions made within the framework of the participatory budget,” explains Bernard Uthurry. “A city stadium will see the light of day near the skate park, and other files that didn’t win voters’ favor give us ideas for later.”

18 workshops offered

No fewer than 18 workshops will be offered this Saturday, June 18, at the Saint-Pée ​​stadium. “The associations of the city have reacted again,” rejoices Patrick Navarro, elected delegate for sports.

The Association of Skaters from Oloro will be present, while Fit’ol danse will organize a treasure hunt. The back school will hold a preventive and therapeutic gym workshop. The voluntary gym and the Léo Lagrange club will be present, as well as the FCO Rugby, the Tennis Club of Piemonte Oloronais and the Handball Club oloronais.

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Equiditance will develop an orientation course. The Dojo oloronais teach “falling without pain”, and the Pilotari club oloronais will organize a psychomotor awakening course. The FCO Cyclo will create two initiation courses on the road for the occasion. Also note the presence of the Cancer League, Ireps, the Dalavi Institute of Pilates, Marvales walkers and the Red Cross, which will provide first aid training.

There will also be on-site catering: a food truck will prepare fruit and vegetable juice pies, dietician Laurie Corsin will hold cooking workshops, while the Union of Farmers will hold a stand dedicated to dietetics. †

The city wants a fifth star for its ‘Commune sport pour tous’ label

“The development of sports health is particularly close to our hearts, as it will allow us to achieve a fifth star for our “Commune sport pour tous” label within three or four years: this is an objective we have set ourselves ‘Here is the end of tenure,” informs Sébastien Allongue, director of the city’s Life division. “The associations are already there: to win this prize, the community has to show that it supports the practice of sports health by creating more infrastructure and setting up meetings”.