Omnisports. When sport offers new tools to the business world

On this first Friday morning in March, the sun floods the Cité des Images with its rays. But in the shadow of the Collot quarry parking lot, the minus three-degree thermometer reminds you that winter is still in effect. However, a dozen employees of the Colas Public Works group, with their appropriate equipment, follow the sage advice to continue with what appears to be a light warm-up for athletes.

“It’s not a sport”

If this seems completely contradictory at first glance, Frédéric Pinon does not need to turn the volume up to convince of the advantages of his approach. With his voice that naturally transfers and his persuasiveness, the former rower of very good level offers an approach adapted to his audience: “It is not a sport. These are movements that heal you. A stretched muscle is always stronger than a contracted muscle. These are ten minutes for you”, the now physiotherapist launches to his audience. All this by encouraging him to repeat it over and over during the hard work day that looms on the horizon.

Obviously there are no plans to climb the stone wall that makes the luck of the climbers of the sector who are nearby or possible to join the path of the Ten that meanders a few meters away . It is mainly a matter of getting in shape before starting the restructuring of the rue des Soupirs.

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Because whether it’s raining, snowing, windy or the sun is at its peak, Sébastien and his comrades are always hard at work with a significant athletic expenditure as the icing on the cake. And with the inevitable wear and tear of time, the repetition of gestures, the carrying of heavy loads, bodies are put to the test. Osteoarthritis and tendonitis are recurrent and persistent conditions.

“It’s Not Folklore”

Precisely to prevent this kind of pathology, the Colas group joined the One Safety project (1). This aims to improve the overall quality of life at work. A challenge in an industry where it is not always easy to introduce approaches that go off the beaten track.

However, these innovative methods, Marcel Loisy, head of the Colas Vosges establishment, plans to democratize them and engrave them in marble: “Wearing a helmet has become entrenched today when it was not clear to generalize it. It is not folklore. It is a human project in which the boys have to be actors. This now has to be perpetuated and become a ritual. Because MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) when it happens, it punishes the boys and the company. We want to avoid that. Moreover, he hesitated he failed to meet the conditioning with his men this morning.

As proof that this is not a facade speech, ambassadors and referees are trained to preach the good word daily in the absence of Frédéric Pinon. In addition, it may already have gained ground as some recognize that this basic treatment of several months pays off.

1. This One Safety approach initiated by the Colas Group in 2019 is defined as follows: ensure the day-to-day safety of their personnel on construction sites and in industries, adapt occupational health prevention measures related to risks , improve the working conditions work of their companions .