One in two girls stop exercising because of their period

Pain, fear of leakage, shame… According to a worldwide survey, half of young girls would stop exercising because of their period.

EThey affect half of the world’s population and more than 15.5 million French women aged 13 to 50 according to official data. The rules. They monopolize 38 years of their lives, or 2,280 days, and consume an average of 11,400 sanitary protections, for a budget that varies from 8,000 to 23,000 euros over their lifetime. Do these numbers make you dizzy? But despite awareness campaigns and more inclusive advertising, menstruation remains a big taboo

And if there’s one area where the rules are missing — or at least just starting to show up — it’s sports. We now know that they in no way prevent sports practice, but they still raise a few questions: how to deal with pain or leakage?

Questions that paralyze some young girls, to the point of stopping the sport because of their rules. This is the case for one in two teenagers, according to a global survey commissioned by Puma and Modibodi, a brand of menstrual panties, and published May 3. One thousand young girls from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe were asked about it.

“It’s time to break the silence”

The main reasons: of this radical decision? Pain, fear of leaks but also the gaze of others† And during physical activity, half of sportswomen feel uncomfortable wearing sanitary pads or tampons† “I am one of those who have continued. But for many girls the reality is very different. The rules should not force girls to quit the sport,” explains Australian athlete Sabrina Frederick in the columns of BusinessWire

If the research numbers are staggering, it’s also because of a serious lack of attention to the menstrual cycle in sports, ignored and mocked in the locker room and on the field. And this should change: 75% of teens surveyed think rules should be discussed more openly in sport† “Now is the time to break the silence and help women and girls feel comfortable and stay active during their period,” said New Zealand international Ali Riley.

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Today, several studies show that: the menstrual cycle can affect the performance of athletes† This is exactly what the German triathlete Laura Philipp tried to understand by studying her progress according to the evolution of her cycle. Bottom line: She was much more efficient on certain days of her menstrual cycle and chose to tailor her workout to her biological rhythm.

“Each phase of the cycle has a different impact”

If there is still a long way to go before all women can exercise without discomfort, some clubs have already signed up† In 2021, the assistant coach of the France women’s national football team, Anthony Grech-Angelini, will was interested in menstruation, a physical parameter that can be used in the same way as sleep and nutrition† “It’s information I need to know as the player who wants to share it with me. The goal is to be the best possible performance companion for her,” the trainer reported. France Info

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The hand also begins to listen intently to the hormonal cycle of its players: “often, coaches believe that only rules affect performance, says physical trainer Julien Le Héran. In reality, each stage of the cycle has a different impact.” The deconstruction of the sports world is about a long-distance race, but the most important thing is to get there, right?

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