ongoing negotiations, two journalists killed in Kiev… The point this Tuesday on the 20th day of the conflict

Two journalists killed near Kiev

Pierre Zakrzewski, an American cameraman for Fox News, was killed while covering the war in Ukraine, the television channel announced on Tuesday. Zakrzewski accompanied British journalist Benjamin Hall, who was injured in his legs by shrapnel and placed in intensive care when their vehicle was fired in Horenka, near Kiev, Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News Media, said in a statement. statement. Oleksandra Kuvshynova, a Ukrainian journalist who accompanied them, was also among the victims.

“Pierre was a war photographer who has captured virtually every international event for Fox News, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Syria,” explains Suzanne Scott. Il avait reçu en dĂ©cembre le prix Fox News du « HĂ©ros discret », notamment pour avoir « jouĂ© un rĂ´le clĂ© dans l’Ă©vacuation de nos pigistes afghans et de leurs familles après le retreat amĂ©ricain d’Afghanistan », a soulignĂ© la chef TV channel.

Oleksandra Kuvshynova and Pierre Zakrzewski are the fourth and fifth journalists to have been killed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

American Brent Renaud was shot dead on Sunday in the northwestern suburbs of Kiev, Ukrainian journalist Yevgeny Sakoun was killed in the bombing of the television tower in Kiev and Ukrainian authorities say Viktor Doudar was killed in fighting near Mykolaiv (south). . which also left more than 30 injured among members of the press covering the conflict.

Negotiations still ongoing

The fourth round of talks between Ukraine and Russia resumed on Tuesday after a hiatus from the day before. “Negotiations are underway,” said on Twitter Mykhailo Podoliak, a negotiator and adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Notably, on the menu of discussions are “a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops” from Ukrainian territory, he added.

Both sides have shown some optimism in recent days, although the Kremlin said on Tuesday it was premature to make a “forecast”. An adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, OleksiĂŻ Arestovitch, said a May peace deal was possible, “and perhaps much sooner”. During the night, President Volodymyr Zelensky assured that the Russians are “beginning to understand that they will achieve nothing through war”.

Strikes in Kiev, two journalists killed

Russian strikes are on the rise in Kiev, the capital, which is “experiencing a dangerous and difficult moment,” said the city’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, by issuing a curfew at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. At least four people were pulled dead and about 40 others rescued alive from an apartment building in a western district of Kiev, Svyatoshin, after a Russian attack sparked a fire there, according to a report by local authorities. Another nine-storey building was hit in the northwestern neighborhood of Podil, closer to the city center. Further south, the Ossokorky district was also damaged.

Very close to the capital Pierre Zakrzewski, a cameraman from the American channel was killed during the report on Monday. The death, announced in the afternoon by the chain’s chairman, occurred when her vehicle was the target of a fire in Horenka, near Kiev, on Monday. The journalist he accompanied was injured. Oleksandra Kuvshynova, Ukrainian colleague of Pierre Zakrzewski, was also killed.

In eastern Ukraine, the airport in the city of Dnipro suffered “mass destruction” after two nighttime Russian bombings, according to regional authorities. In Mariupol, some 2,000 vehicles were able to leave the city besieged by Russian troops and pro-Russian separatists via a humanitarian corridor, the municipality said.

Ukraine will not be able to join NATO, says Zelensky

“We must recognize” that Ukraine cannot join NATO, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Tuesday, while this dossier is one of the reasons Russia is citing to justify its invasion of the country. “We heard for years that the doors were open, but we also heard that we couldn’t come. This is the truth and it must be recognized,” the Ukrainian president said via videoconference at a meeting of the leaders of the countries of the Joint Expeditionary Force, a coalition led by Britain.

3 million refugees


About three million people have fled Ukraine since Feb. 24, according to a tally released Tuesday by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Half are children with or without a parent. Poland alone is home to more than half of all refugees who have fled since the start of the Russian invasion – about six in ten refugees.

For its part, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has listed exactly 2,969,600 Ukrainian refugees on its dedicated website, which is usually updated in the afternoon. The difference in numbers between UNHCR and IOM can be explained by different counting methods. The IOM also takes into account the approximately 157,000 refugees who have fled Ukraine but are third-country nationals.

Europe had not seen such a rapid influx of refugees since World War II.

Macron visiting Kiev or Moscow?

Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that he “didn’t rule out” going to Moscow or Kiev in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but ruled that “the conditions were not met” to make these trips “in the coming days”.

“I am not ruling out anything and no political initiative, I will do it if I consider that there can be a useful and tangible result,” said the French president on the sidelines of a meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Maine-et-Loire. “But today the conditions have not been met” to “turn such a journey into something that is likely to change the situation,” added the head of state. The latter also said on Tuesday that France is ready to offer its “protection” to Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian television employee who protested live against the war in Ukraine.