Our opinion behind the wheel of the Porsche Taycan 4S Sport Turismo

The development of the Taycan series is not a long calm river. First a sedan with four-wheel drive, then also rear-wheel drive, arrival of a raised station wagon body, introduction of a GTS version and a more traditional form of station wagon… There is enough to drive you crazy! Above all, what should be remembered is that Porsche is now offering a plethora of engines and three bodies for its first electric car. For example, the Sport Turismo station wagon is now entering the range as a definition in its own right, alongside the sedan and the Cross Turismo elevated station wagon. Understand that we can now associate this ST with the modest two-wheel drive version, but also with the integral 4S, Turbo, Turbo S and GTS, while only the latter was previously accessible in Sport Turismo.

Impressive performance already

Once he understands how everything works and that he has to make his choice as in self-service, it is ultimately the customer who comes out best, because then he can come up with a tailor-made car. also cit’s on a 4S that we set our sights on, because in addition to offering intermediate power, it is also: the one that offers the greatest autonomy. It is indeed a whopping 498 km in WLTP advance Porsche, as long as we checked the option Performance Plus battery, increasing capacity from 79.2 kWh to 93.4 kWh† An interesting extra that is expensive (€5,568), but which, according to the brand, is in any case systematically chosen by customers. With this large battery also comes more power, as the maximum cavalry delivered during launch control ranges from 530 hp to a whopping 571 hp and 650 Nm of torque. What do you need to bring down? 0 to 100 km/h in 4 s all around and perform lightning strikes. Therefore, one wonders what else the more powerful versions can bring, because the 4S is already a notorious licensing trap.

Agile like a sportswoman on dry land

The 4S version of the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo offers the best compromise between performance and range.© Porsche

Especially since it can also be entitled to refinements such as the rear steering wheels (option for €2,352) and the brilliant three-chamber air suspension that comes as standard. Technical solutions that completely transform the Taycan experience. Because that’s how the Porsche is rigged incredibly agile and precise, well served by a precisely calibrated steering, while maintaining a comfort normally only found in large luxury sedans. The fall ? Get caught up in the game of crazy driving, made accessible to everyone thanks to childish simplicity of use, and forget that the big baby still claims 2,170 kg empty on the scale. What if the Porsche Taycan skillfully conceals its weight on dry roads and that the Tungsten carbide brakes (+ € 3,000) are durable, it is a any other story about a greasy and/or wet coating. We then go into the curves very quickly and stopping the moving masses takes time and space. So be careful, but we won’t take away this very angry pause to behave almost identically to the sedan it was derived from, which is already cause for celebration.

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The advantage of the station wagon

The German may shine when it comes to pushing the boundaries of understeer, but it won’t happen without several displays of annoyance from the passengers, who are slammed in all directions as the Porsche Taycan hammers the road without ever appearing to force. Because with such a sporty feeling, we almost forget that the Porsche is above all a family! More in here Sport Turismo version that offers 45 mm more height to the rear passengers, who are now really well off. The two individual seats are comfortable and only very tall people will find flaws in the legroomespecially if the people up front are also the leggy type. The trunk also gains a bit of capacity, by showing 39 dm3 more than the sedan (446 dm3 announced). Once the rear seats are folded down, it is even 1212 dm3 available for movers who aren’t afraid to scratch the beautiful leather upholstery.

Porsche puts the package on electrification

Therefore, if we were to doubt the usefulness of having a sedan, a hunting station wagon and an elevated station wagon in the Taycan range, there is finally something to please everyone. Play it personally with a sleek but impractical saloon, generous with a more hospitable but just as efficient station wagon, or even adventurer on not too bad roads with a station wagon with greater ground clearance (+ 20mm) but with a less sharp hair , there is more to choose. Perhaps the hardest part, Porsche gives the best example of what a problem of the rich is here. It is indeed no less than €110,374 to be paid for a Porsche Taycan 4S Sport Turismo, while our particular test model flirted quite a bit with 160,000 €. Not to mention that the German manufacturer has become a master in the art of the insignificant options: you have to put down 852 euros extra for the heat pump… A difficult pill to swallow for mere mortals, which does not prevent Porsche sells its Taycans (all versions combined) with spades: the electric is the second best-selling Porsche in France in 2021 behind the Cayenne, while it was the brand’s best-seller in the UK, Belgium and Norway! This bodes well for the brand’s plans, which aim to sell 80% of all-electric vehicles worldwide by 2030.