Outdoor sports: what if you buy your equipment second-hand?

Posted on July 6, 2022, 11:30 am

An average of 433 euros: this is the average annual budget of outdoor sports enthusiasts, according to a poll from May 2022. Lovers of trail running, climbing, skiing and water activities will agree: the necessary quality equipment is rarely given !

With this summer in sight, a new market is emerging: that of second-hand outdoor. The idea: Connecting people who want to spend too long lying around in the back of the closet with their equipment, and those who dream of equipping themselves at low prices. For the former, it is an opportunity to recoup some of their investment and win in place, and for the latter, to get their hands on products that are usually inaccessible…

Three young shoots share this emerging market in France: Everide, Barooders and Campsider. Specifically, in these three locations we find all the elements necessary for most outdoor sports, from hiking to climbing, including skiing, snowboarding, paddle boarding, cycling, paragliding or even kite surfing. Trail shoes, clothing, tents, backpacks, harnesses, connected watches, everything is categorized by sport, with the possibility to filter by brand, size or even state of wear.

While their offerings sometimes vary in terms of services and products offered, these three start-ups operate roughly on the same model, that of a safe marketplace, designed for athletes, with the aim of providing as many guarantees as possible to reassure buyers.

Reassuring about the quality of the items

The first obstacle to buying these second-hand products is precisely the uncertainty about their quality, notes the Opinionway survey, for ” the seller’s lack of honesty ” and the ” difficulty finding “What we need. So how can you reassure the internet user and make them want to buy these items that have already been used?” Already, through the verification of the ads! We ask for several photos and a history of the product. For example, for a pair of hiking boots, we ask to see the sole carefully before accepting it. says Thomas Gounot, co-founder of Campsider, who says he declines 20% of the ads on his site.

It also offers an extra service for those who want it: the article can go through the platform’s workshop for a physical check for 5 euros. This check-up can be welcome for sensitive technical equipment, which affects the safety of the practitioner, for example. All three platforms also offer a warranty in the event of a problem, ranging from 48 to 72 hours after receipt.

On the price side, those who try the adventure will be clear winners. † We have 60,000 devices on the site, the discounts range from 30 to 80% of the new retail price. We are reimbursed through a 5% commission, covered by the buyer “, says Edwige Michau, co-founder of Barooders.

A quick tour of the site will show you the great discounts this model allows: here -75% on Skywalk paragliding wings, there -66% on Salomon trail shoes, or -50% on an OEX tent… This motivation is clear the first to be praised by 15-24 year olds, with 91% in the Opinionway survey (while 30-34 year olds are “only” 84% to emphasize financial motivation).

Attract sellers too

In order for these sites to attract buyers, you also need a substantial offering, in all sports, all models and all sizes. Barooders understands this and tries to pamper his salespeople. † For technical equipment, for example a bicycle, we offer them to have it certified by one of our experts, so that it can be sold under the best conditions and at the best price. Another very successful service is door-to-door collection! Above a basket of 1,000 euros, we collect the equipment from the person’s home, then manage the online placement and the price estimate », Details Edwige Michau. This service is currently reserved for sellers in Île-de-France and the Lyon region, but is planned to be expanded at a later date.

These three young shoots are not the only ones who have smelled the potential of this emerging market. Last year, Decathlon launched its site dedicated to refurbished goods, “Second Life”. The same goes for one of the institutions in this sector, Le Vieux Campeur, whose second-hand department bears the same name. With all these names in mind, any internet user should be able to find what they are looking for among the hundreds of thousands of items referenced on these platforms, not to mention more general sites like Vinted and Le Bon Coin, which also have countless technical clothing references and sports equipment. .

For the wallet… and the planet

In addition to the sound financial plan, the emergence of this new offering is also good news for the planet. Remember, according to a study by the Water Footprint Network, to make a simple cotton T-shirt, you’ll need about 2,500 gallons of water. And that four million tons of textiles are thrown away in Europe every year…

Our project is also a desire for education, for everyone who likes to spend time in nature, who wants to preserve and protect it. However, buying a used product can divide its footprint by six, compared to new! » emphasizes Cyril Espalieu, co-founder of Everide. One stone, two flies: a good habit for your wallet, but also for trying to reduce your impact on the environment.