Padel, a new trendy sport

Padel is a racket sport that is at the intersection of tennis and squash. Already hugely popular in Spain and Latin America, the game is quickly attracting new players around the world. It is a trendy and fun game that can be adapted to all ages. Padel is an easy sport to learn, which makes it a very trendy game.

What is Padel?

This racket sport has similarities with tennis and is played in doubles. It has its own rules of play and is suitable for all levels. The padel courts are smaller than those for tennis. They are separated from each other by nets and surrounded by glass and metal walls. A regular paddle tennis court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide.

It’s a simple, fast-paced, social sport that doesn’t rely on strength and skill in serving. Padel is more about strategy and cooperation between you and your partner, than it is about power. This trendy game allows the player to get points by playing hits against the wall. Unlike tennis, the ball remains playable if it hits the ground and hits the walls.

The ball in this fashionable game is similar to tennis, but slightly softer. The padel racket is designed with composite material and the surface is covered with small holes. There are three different forms of padel racket:

  • round shape,
  • drop shape,
  • The diamond shape.

History of padel

Padel tennis was invented in 1969 by a Mexican businessman named Enrique Corcuera. He wanted to build a tennis court at his vacation home in Acapulco. Due to lack of space, he decided to make a smaller court. He used the walls that border the area as an integral part of the game. A friend of Enrique, the Spanish prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe, tried this sport and fell in love with it immediately.

The prince created the first two padel courts in a tennis club in Marbella (Spain) in 1974. Since then, this trendy game has become one of the most played racket sports in Spain. In recent years, Europe has seen this sport explode and in 2012, a world championship the “Word Tour Padel” was created that brings together the greatest players in the world of Padel. Many tennis clubs or sports complexes have included padel as a variety of sports to choose from. It is a relatively new sport that is becoming increasingly popular among famous athletes.

The rules of padel tennis

The difference with this trendy tennis game is that the ball can also be played outside the field. It can be hit by any player in any part of the field. That’s what makes this fashionable sport so interesting. Players can swing the racket or an arm over the net to hit the ball. But there is an error like:

  • The racket is in contact with the net,
  • If the ball hits the wall or fence before it hits the ground.

After a bounce to the ground, even if the ball hits the fence or wall multiple times, it remains playable. Games outside the padel court are allowed, giving rise to drama.

The serve is performed in a crossover fashion and the ball must jump into the square on the corresponding side. The ball should bounce once on the floor and hit at waist height. When serving, players have two attempts to punch into the opponent’s court.

Scoring in padel

The scoring system of this fashionable sport is exactly the same as that of tennis. It is necessary to count 0, 15, 30, 40 “all” equal, service/rest advantage. However, the way you can get these points is a little different. The gold point is played at 40-40, the team receiving the serve decides where the point is played.

During a padel match you score points if:

  • The ball bounces twice on the ground on the opponent’s side.
  • The opponent hits the ball into the net.
  • The opponent hits the ball outside the Padel playing field, it ends up outside the cage or against one of your walls.
  • The opponent kicks the ball into his own gate.
  • An opponent is hit by the ball.

The set of this trending game is won if a team wins 6 games. A minimum of two matches must be played and if that fails, the set is decided by a tie-break. Matches are played best of 3 sets.