Padel: these sports stars, including many football players, who succumb to “padel mania”!

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Padel has really become the fashionable leisure sport among top athletes and especially football players in recent years. Toulouse will also host the Human Padel Open 2022 from June 13 to 19.

From June 13 to 19, Toulouse will host one of the 23 stages of the World Padel Tour, the benchmark competition for this spectacular discipline, derived from tennis, played indoors on a field surrounded by fences.

It is the very first time in history that France organizes a round of the World Padel Tour. And it will be in Toulouse. The event, called “Human Padel Open”, will be held under the watchful eye of… Tony Parker and TeddyRiner! Two stars involved in the organization of the project, out of passion for this flourishing discipline.

In addition, other sports personalities make no secret of their appeal to padel. First and foremost footballers. Lionel Messi, Neymar, Paul Pogba, Zinedine Zidane, Didier Deschamps don’t just have talent and football in common: they all love padel too! If Kylian Mbappé doesn’t seem to have cracked yet, the number of famous footballers – active or retired – who indulge in this discipline, born in Mexico in 1969 and whose complexes to practice it have been thriving for years around major cities, remain. And it’s probably not over yet.

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Padel: Toulouse will host the Human Padel Open in June, which will bring together the world elite of the discipline

A way to escape or simply to keep in shape with an activity practiced two against two that requires speed, flexibility and stamina, but also good communication between the partners. In addition to the recreational and playful side of this fashionable discipline, which is much more accessible than tennis and also helps to maintain a certain competitive spirit, some see it as a way to diversify their business by setting up their own structure. We think of Anthony Lopes in Lyon, Nicolas Douchez in Bordeaux or Gaël Danic in Rennes. This is also the case with Zinedine Zidane, who created the Z5 in Aix-en-Provence – while waiting to duplicate it in Istres – or Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede rarely does this and already has six “Padel Zenter”.

Rugby players should not be left behind

A hobby that footballers obviously do not have a monopoly on. The former Scottish international of Castres Max Evans regularly hits the ball with John Terry, the emblematic ex-Chelsea captain. When walking around Ernest-Wallon, where the padel courts adjoin the rugby stadium, it is not uncommon for certain members of staff or professional staff to indulge in this activity in their spare time. And it’s even rumored that some “red and black” players would consider following the move by creating their centers as well.

If their schedule allows, we wouldn’t be surprised to meet some of them in the stands of the Palais des Sports in Toulouse in June for the Human French Padel Open.

Human Padel Open: practical information

International men’s and women’s tournament of the Circuit World Padel Tour.


June 13 and 14: qualifying stages at 4Padel Toulouse-Colomiers

June 15 to 19: main draw at the Palais des Sports André Brouat

Matches from 9.30am to night session (10pm to 10.30pm)


  • 120 World Elite players
  • The Top 10 men and women of the World Padel Tour ranking


  • 3,000 spectators a day expected
  • Tickets on sale at
  • VIP hospitality offer available