Parcoursup: which training to work in sports? – Parcoursup 2022 – Higher education registrations

BPJEPS, STAPS licenses, DEUST… Several hundred training courses on Parcoursup allow you to work in commerce and the sports world. L’Etudiant reveals to you the range of possibilities.

Are you passionate about sports and want to train and work in this universe? You can make your professional life there without hesitation! Sport weighs heavily in the economy: between the 360,000 sports associations and the 112,000 companies active in this field, the turnover amounts to around 90 billion euros per year, according to a survey by the BPCE bank. The sector employs nearly 500,000 people. And Parcoursup will feature some 250 workouts in sports professions this year.

The BPJEPS of sports diplomas

If you want to become a sports instructor, go to the BPJEPS. Vocational certificates for young people in folk education and sports are level 4 state diplomas (baccalaureate level). They allow you to practice the regulated professions of sports educator or socio-cultural animator.

In the field of sports, each BPJEPS has its own specialty. There are about twenty of them, from water activities such as swimming to motor sports including diving, golf and equestrian sports.
A few 88 BPJPES workouts are currently available on Parcoursup of which fifteen are apprentices. Access to the training is selective. The training lasts one year and is given in the CREPS, the knowledge centers for expertise and sports performance.

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Extra information

These diplomas allow you to obtain a specialized qualification in the field of animation, administration or project management. If you have a management profile and want to develop in the sports world, consider: additional mention AG2S (animation project management in the sports sector).

This training gives you access to employment in the sports sector within associations, communities or structures that promote physical and sporting activities. The training includes 400 teaching hours and a compulsory internship of 630 hours in one or more structures related to the sports field. There are currently 80 MC AG2S courses available on Parcoursup, 26 of which are in apprenticeships

Specialized DEUSTs for working in sports

A two-year college preparatory degree, the DEUST (Degree of Scientific and Technical University Studies) is a specialized degree in a sector. There are some in IT, water treatment … and in sports! You will find on Parcoursup a good thirty DEUST animation and management of physical, sports or cultural activities.

Thanks to this training, you can become both a sports educator and manager of an association structure. For example, football enthusiasts, the University of Montpellier (34) and the University of the Littoral (59) or the University of Burgundy (27) offer DEUST’s special football!

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What if you considered a GOAL to work in sports?

The IUT (University Institutes of Technology) propose to prepare in three years a BUT (University Bachelor of Technology) that may interest you if you want to develop in the management of sports activities.

This is the GOAL GACO (administrative and commercial management of organizations). This DOEL indeed offers from the second year of study a course in the management of cultural, artistic, sporting and touristic activities. Recommended for students who want to specialize in the development or management of sports structures and events (as well as tourist and cultural events!).

Please note that not all IUTs offering the GACO GOAL offer this course systematically. Less than ten IUTs offer it on Parcoursup, such as the IUT of Vélizy, site of Rambouillet (78), the IUT of Belfort-Montbéliard (90) or the IUT of Brest, site of Morlaix (29). Read the training sheets carefully!

The very popular STAPS course in college

It is one of the most popular courses in the university. It has about 60,000 students who are preparing for a bachelor’s or master’s degree there. Nearly 160 courses are available on Parcoursup. In addition to the traditional profession of physical education and sports teacher (STAPS license mentions teaching and motor skills), the STAPS sports training license opens the doors to performance-supporting professions: coaches, sports trainers, high-level physical trainers, etc.

The STAPS license stating APAS (Adapted Physical Activity and Health) prepares you to work in health sports. A thriving industry. Finally, the STAPS sports management license prepares you for a career in management, marketing, communication or even sporting events.

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These professional licenses that lead to the sports world

Two professional licenses related to the sports world are present at Parcoursup. First of all, if you are passionate about the horse world, the University of Angers offers a bachelor’s degree in tourism and sports leisure support in the management of equestrian establishments.

If your professional project is then related to the distribution of sports equipment, ILEPS in Cergy (95) offers a professional license for the marketing of sports products and services.

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