Paris: sneakers for a job, the innovative recruitment method that pays

Between resume and cover letter, candidates and recruiters for apprenticeship contracts are in the starting blocks. This Monday they put on sneakers to participate in an innovative recruitment method, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The Paris association Pass’Sport pour l’emploi, founded in 2017 by chef Thierry Marx and sportsman Benoit Campargue, has joined EDF to combine sport and recruitment. For Abdellah, a 31-year-old candidate has “no pressure”. He has already graduated and hopes to continue with a work-study position: “The pressure is greater for the employer, we are really freer there. he completes with a laugh.

Value more than diploma

This Monday was a nice first for EDF, but not for the employment association Pass’Sport, which already collaborated with the RATP or Ifria, an agri-food training institute. The hundred candidates present on the day follow the sports circuits under the watchful eye of the national coaches. A good way to “recruit on values ​​instead of diplomas” for Catherine Mundubeltz, employment representative for EDF. She explains how difficult it is for her group to attract bac or bac + 2 profiles, especially in Île-de-France, which represents a quarter of the workforce. After a short warm-up, the participants circulate in the workshops: weightlifting, coordination but also team spirit and memorization. Chloé Monen, HR Development Manager for Dalkia Île-de-France explains: “This event is not reserved for athletes. It is an assessment of cross-functional skills: memory, team spirit, coordination,…”. The evaluation schedule was introduced by the association based on the needs of recruiters, Dalkia and Enedis. At the end arises a spin of skills, more or less broad depending on the qualities of each. Even the hello and the smile of arrival are taken into account. “Sport is more of a tool than an achievement here,” deciphers Lydia Bouchardon, general manager of Pass’Sport pour l’emploi. We realized that we can see a lot by observing the athletes. We observe who gives up and we see it overcome it, the attitude, it is a real addition to job dating”. Because after the sports session, each candidate has a few minutes to submit their resume and talk to recruiters.

A new way to discover candidates

A good way for candidates, who are often far from work, to present themselves in their best light: “Because I’m shy, I feel a lot more open after working out,” admits Sam. After his conversion, continue in BTS. He makes no secret of his desire to climb the ladder to become a project manager. The candidates present were pre-selected by Pôle emploi, the local mission of Paris and the National Education. Hissam, 20, BTS in his pocket, is eager to pursue a pro license. He hopes for a job as a draftsman/designer and is delighted: “It is more lively than a classic interview. The people here are super comfortable. “. At the age of 36, Adjo was an optician. She is the only woman bravely present during the morning session to be a candidate and she is not lacking in ambition: “We have to start at the bottom, I intend to. Because I know it’s annoying being a woman, she hopes to be a construction foreman and she seems to be doing well.“All recruiters are waiting for it”, concludes Catherine Mundubeltz.

This Tuesday, the fair for personal services and work from home will be held online and in mid-April, the young future employment fair will take place in mid-April at the Paris Event Center in La Villette (19th). Two new chances to get a CDD or a CDI.