Part of adapted sports performed by USM Montargis football, to break the barrier of handicaps

The symbol is strong: on the same ground, children and adults, experienced athletes and people with different disabilitiesbrought together in fun joint workshops on a beautiful spring afternoon.

This Thursday, May 26 saw the very first steps, on the lawn of the Maurice-Béraud stadium, from the future section of custom sports supported by USM Montargis football. If all goes well, after a second presentation day at the end of August 2022, it will be officially launched in September

This project was particularly close to the heart of the club’s president, Cyril Martini.

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Another strong symbol: on the poster announcing the event, his son’s radiant face, Luigi, 10 years old, a ball under his arm† “My son was born with the CTNNB1 syndrome, which causes motor problems and a number of disorders. There are only six cases in France,” confides the president of USM Montargis Football. “At school Luigi and one or two other kids watched the others go to the sport; they stayed in class. Me, I said I’ll assemble a custom part. The homes do the maximum, but we can offer even more. People with disabilities should have fun, not be excluded.

Ten workshops offered to participants

The president’s project has won the support of everyone: educators, players, young shoots of the club but also partners† And associations and structures of the agglomeration of Montargo such as the children’s home, the Adapei and the Astaf, who came to participate in the ten workshops this Thursday. “It’s really a symbolic day for the whole club. We wanted to integrate the little ones from the football school. We need to break down the barriers of disability, bring everyone together“, defends Karamba Souaré, the sports director of USM Montargis football.

Damien Ducrocq is an educator at the Children’s Home and according to him, the health crisis has contributed to the fact that disabilities are being pushed even more aside, by depriving each other of outings and social relationships : “We need to democratize the adapted sport in the agglomeration of Montargoise. The USM were the first to show an interest in this,” he greets, noting that USM Montargis sailing schooloffers since this year activities adapted to the handicap.

Bridges between sports associations

Cyril Martini hopes this initiative will lead to other vocations among the clubs of the agglomerationand that bridges can be built between the different associations, so that everyone can flourish in a supervised sport.

Every two weeks, the residents of the residential center La Fontaine walk the dogs of the SPA du Giennois

Adapted football sessions take place on the grass field of the Béraud stadium fortnightly and lasts an hour and a half† This Thursday, the members of the club were amazed by the crowds on this first presentation day: appointment is already in Augustfor the continuation of this sporting and human adventure.

In Orléans they open the Loire for wheelchairs

Pascale Auditeau