Pass’Sport Health. Bring Colmarians back to sports

The health and morale benefits of sport no longer need to be proven. But it’s not easy to get back into it after a long period of inactivity. That is why the city of Colmar has created the Pass’Sport Santé to combat the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle after incarceration. After a first year of testing, in which more than 120 beneficiaries from ten associations and two City events participated, the system is being renewed for a second, even richer edition. “This year, the system will take on a new dimension, to go even further in the desire to bring Colmarians back into sport,” asks Barbaros Mutlu, deputy mayor in charge of sports.

“Sport as we like it in Colmar is what makes you smile”

The concept remains the same: the city offers a year of free practice in a Colmar sports association, or twelve entertainment sessions offered by the educators of the city of Colmar. What is changing is the range of activities – there will be ten new ones and the support for people through the Colmar Health Network thanks to funding from the Regional Health Agency.

From Monday, July 4, all sedentary people at least 18 years old and those over 60 years old can make an appointment with the Colmar Health Network to assess their physical fitness. “First there will be an interview with an adapted physical activity teacher to measure the motivation of the person, his level of physical activity, then we will do tests on breath, balance, muscle tone. We will see the pain felt, the brakes and the levers of each, to direct them to this or that activity, always with this idea of ​​fun that is very important,” emphasizes Camille Dietschy, Health Sport Coordinator at the Colmar Health Network, it should simply be called Maison sport santé.

“A telephone follow-up will also take place and a final assessment will be made to see the improvements in everyone’s physical condition after a year,” specifies the director of the network Sophie Gallier.

Working out safe again

“The most important thing is to be able to resume sport safely, gradually and without injury, and then to be able to practice independently again,” added Frédérique Schwob, councilor responsible for promoting healthy sport. The fifteen labeled associations have been sensitized to adapt their practice to this specific audience, and the city will organize training courses for those who need it.

Among the new ones who join the system: boxing, figure skating, ice hockey or sports rescue clubs. The opportunity also for clubs that have lost members since the Covid to diversify their audience. The City will refund them the license of each beneficiary and a grant of 500 euros per year will be paid for each activity opened. The estimated cost of the operation is 60,000 euros per year. With about ten people per slot, 300 people can benefit from the Pass’Sport Santé.

“Sport as we like it in Colmar is one that is good for your health, which makes the inhabitants of Colmar smile and brings them together”, summarizes Barbaros Mutlu. By already announcing other actions to give “Envie de sport”.

To take advantage of the scheme, contact the Colmar Health Network from Monday 4 July on 03 89 23 05 55. The works will start in mid-September and require a medical certificate from the attending physician.