Pensions, RSA, nuclear, security… What we already know about Emmanuel Macron’s program

March 14, 2022 at 4:15 PM, changed to March 14, 2022 at 5:18 PM

Official candidate for re-election since March 3, Emmanuel Macron has not yet officially presented his program to the French. He will do this on Thursday during a press conference, after which he announced his entourage in a notebook of about twenty pages. Mobilized by international news, however, the outgoing president has already distilled some proposals drop by drop. In a 20-minute video broadcast at public rallies this weekend, he specifically revealed the main themes of his campaign. His project, to be presented at the end of the week in the form of a twenty-page notebook, will be structured around four “pacts”.

  • “European pact, for our protection, our sovereignty”
  • “a pact between the generations, from very early childhood to old age”
  • “a productive pact, because to carry our social model (…) we need to be able to work more and produce more”
  • “a republican pact because the unity of the nation includes the defense of secularism, stronger security and justice, respect for our borders and a project of republican integration”.

Emmanuel Macron also assured that he would involve the French more in the governance of the country, in particular with a “great ongoing debate” around different workplaces such as “the school” ” Health “ Where “institutional reform”† Behind these outlines you will find an overview of the already known proposals.

Retirement age raised to 65

This could be one of the highlights of his program. In the event of reelection, Emmanuel Macron wants to reform the pension system by raising the retirement age to 65 from 62 now. Therefore, abandon the idea of ​​a points system, which was strongly contested during his term of office. The transition would be gradual: four additional months of premium per generation, each year, until 2032. So the first generation to leave at age 65 would be the generation born in 1969. For long and difficult careers, a departure at the age of 62 remains. possible, while people with disabilities can retire at age 55.

The head of state also called for a minimum pension of 1,100 euros for full careers and the end of the main special schemes (RATP type) only for newcomers.

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Triple the Macron Bonus

During a campaign trip to Poissy, the president indicated that he wants to abolish the television license upon re-election. He also pledged to triple the amount of the Macron bonus, set up at the time of the yellow vest crisis and currently capped at €1,000. A measure on inheritance, a key theme at the start of the campaign and mentioned by the outgoing president in his interview with Parisian last January, should also end up in this program

More recently, to combat rising fuel prices, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a discount at the pump of 15 cents per liter from April 1 and for four months.

Work more and pay less tax

The outgoing president is still unclear about these themes. The only clues: in his letter to the French, published to officially announce his candidacy, Emmanuel Macron indicated that it would be necessary “more work” and “Keep lowering taxes on labor and production”† In this spirit, and according to information from the dot, Emmanuel Macron plans to propose a reform of the RSA by tightening the conditions of entry. The number of working hours required per person entitled to benefits will be increased: every benefit recipient will therefore have to work or train more in order to continue to receive social assistance.

According to information from World
is programming a target of full employment, the establishment of a “employee dividend” or even new reductions in self-employed contributions should be included in the economics part of its programme.

nuclear revival

In Saturday’s video broadcast, the presidential candidate indicated that he ” Continue “ to allow “middle class” to switch vehicles more easily and faster, to switch to hybrid or electric vehicles. In his candidacy letter, Emmanuel Macron also mentioned the objective of investing in innovation and research, especially in the renewable energy or nuclear sector.

On the latter point, in February in Belfort, the Head of State announced a nuclear recovery plan with the construction of six EPR 2 reactors by 2050. He had also developed the objective of providing France with “a “fifty offshore wind farms” by 2050 and to double the onshore wind capacity.

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Doubling the number of police officers on the ground

The orientation and program bill of the Ministry of the Interior (Lopmi) will be presented this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers. Since parliament cannot vote in the presidential election, the text has been suspended for the possibility of a new five-year term for Emmanuel Macron and its objectives are therefore part of the outgoing president’s forecasts.

The text provides for an increase of 15 billion euros over five years for the budget of the ministry. In January, in Nice, the president also announced the doubling of the number of police officers ” in the field “ by 2030, the creation of 200 gendarmerie brigades in rural areas or a “Republican action force for the neighborhoods”including police officers, OPJ officers, social workers and finance officers, to secure these areas and dismantle the deal points.

Childcare allowance for single-parent families

Again, equality between women and men should be the major cause of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term in the event of re-election. And this while the associations denounce a mixed assessment of the past mandate. On the occasion of the broadcast “Facing the French” on LCI, the head of state has committed to setting up a specialized judicial unit, establishing a file on domestic violence perpetrators – already promised two years ago – and setting up a system for filing complaints in line.

As for economic inequalities, Emmanuel Macron mentioned childcare assistance up to age 12 for single-parent families. Finally, in January, it launched a national strategy to combat endometriosis, focusing on the management, diagnosis and recognition of the disease.

Education: back to basics

On the educational side, Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to put back “fundamental knowledge, especially mathematics” in the common core of the subjects taught in secondary school. A step back from the 2019 secondary school reform introduced by his government, which led to the disappearance of this subject from the regular classes of students in the Première and Terminales classes. The president of the republic also indicated that he would like all children aged 6 to 12 to exercise 30 minutes a day at school by the 2022 school year.