Pierre Zakrzewski, Fox News cameraman, murdered in Ukraine

WAR IN UKRANE – “He was an absolute legend.” On Tuesday, March 15, Fox News announced the death of one of its journalists covering the conflict in Ukraine, Pierre Zakrzewski, who was the victim of a shooting the day before in the company of his colleague Benjamin Hall, who was injured.

This London cameraman had covered all the recent conflicts, the station said in a press release signed by Suzanne Scott, the general manager of the US news channel: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and thus Ukraine since February.

“His talents were many, and there is not a single role that he has not embraced with passion to help us in the field: cameraman, sound engineer, journalist…”, the press release continues. “And he did it every time, no matter the pressure, with tremendous skill!”

An “everyday hero” for his colleagues

This Monday, March 14, Pierre Zakrzewski was accompanying Benjamin Hall, a British reporter for Fox News, in Irpin, in the northwestern suburbs of Kiev, when their vehicle was hit by gunfire. The latter is currently hospitalized in Ukraine, but Fox News has not communicated about his health condition, specifying that it “worked to gather more precise information”.

According to several Ukrainian journalists and officials, as well as several US media outlets, including PBS and CNN, the local “fixer” accompanying the two Fox News reporters, Oleksandra Kuvshynova, was also killed in the attack on the team.

Immediately after the news of Pierre Zakrzewski’s death, tributes multiplied on social media for a much-loved man. The image reporter was even internally awarded last year for helping to secure Afghan Fox News employees during the Taliban takeover. For this act of bravery, he was called an “everyday hero” by his colleagues.

As with announcing Benjamin Hall’s injuries, Fox News ends its press release by recalling the perilous mission of journalists being sent to theaters of war to provide images and information to the public. “Today is a tragic day for Fox News and for all journalists who risk their lives to pass on information,” we read there.

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