Pochettino and Mbappe have “100% chance today” to stay in Paris, according to the coach

End of the press conference

This concludes this press conference from Mauricio Pochettino, who estimated Kylian Mbappe will still be “100%” at PSG at the club, even if he is more likely to judge by his feelings. The Argentinian technician also assured that he will be there next season.

Pochettino on the first leg against Strasbourg

“Strasbourg has had an incredible season and I already congratulate them on that, outside of European qualifiers or not. In the first leg we were leading 3-2 and they came back to 3-2, it was difficult. playing team, well prepared with very good players.”

Pochettino on Mbappe’s future

“From how I feel and perceive, but also because I have no other choice, I think Mbappe will remain 100% next season. But after that, you never know in football, you can expect anything.”

Pochettino on Neymar

“Neymar’s talent is indisputable. He is a player who signed for several years and he is one of the best in the world. It is true that he has had ups and downs this season, in the image of the team. He had circumstances, “I arrived after the Copa America. He couldn’t have continuity. Players of his caliber need to play to be at their best level. Often the margin between success and failure is thin. I spoke to Messi this morning and we discussed the season. “We didn’t just pass against Real Madrid, when we started to get benchmarks and strength. That could have been different.”

Pochettino on the experience at the club

“Experience is an important point that we can capitalize on. There are several elements that we have learned in the last 18 months and when you are inside the club you can learn things that are not possible outside. It is passed on to the management of the club, to be better in the future.”

Pochettino on Ancelottic

“I have a lot of respect for Ancelotti, he is a great manager and an incredible person. I celebrate that someone is in football and that there should be more like him in football.”

Pochettino on his current conversations with his executives

“There are no discussions outside of normalcy. We have a good relationship and communication. We work hard together. We always think about the future.”

Pochettino on his future and that of Mbappé

On the percentage chance that he will stay with PSG next season and Mbappe stay: “100 percent anyway. Today.”

Pochettino on individual goals

“Obviously we have achieved our goal by winning Ligue 1. Individual goals are the next step, there will be no problem from the whole group to help Kylian Mbappe become top scorer, who will have the support of everyone. “

Pochettino on young people

“No, there is no more media pressure for young people at PSG than at Tottenham. I think it is a matter of philosophy, project, strategy. Every club has a project for the future. When I arrived at Tottenham there were 35 professional players and it was a five year project, but there were also young people to develop and to be given a chance.

Pochettino wants to ‘stay competitive’

As always, before the press conference, Mauricio Pochettino answers questions from the club channel: “The atmosphere is good, we are training well. We just won the championship. Sometimes you lose motivation after that, but we will try to win and stay competitive.” We have to stay professional and do our job. This is not the time to try new tactics.”

PSG’s medical point with five absentees

In the margins of the encounter against Strasbourg, PSG announced the medical point, which concerns five players this Thursday:

– Abdou Diallo is continuing his recovery and will train with the group again next week.

Leandro Paredes and Julian Draxler continue their rehabilitation at the Ooredoo Center.

– Mauro Icardi is undergoing treatment for a right quadriceps lesion, his recovery with the group is scheduled in 10 days.

– Colin Dagba has problems with his right calf and will train again next week.”

Several absent from training

Leandro Paredes, Julian Draxler, Mauro Icardi and Abdou Diallo will not be present at PSG training on the eve of the game. Colin Dagba trains separately.

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Strasbourg: Stéphan wants “uninhibited” players against PSG

Julien Stéphan has already held his pre-match press conference. He hopes his players will be “ambitious” to at least keep in touch with the European car (RC Strasbourg is currently in 6th place, three lengths behind 3rd place occupied by Rennes).

Start of the press conference at 13:15.

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PSG will face RC Strasbourg on Friday (9pm), in La Meinau, at the start of the 35th day of Ligue 1.