Porsche 911 Sport Classic (2022): version for purists

Porsche further expands range “Heritage design”, and presents its all-new 911 Sport Classic. The latter, which is produced in limited quantities, is based on the Turbo version of the 911, but with a manual transmission, much to the delight of purists.

Last year, Porsche unveiled the Targa 4S Heritage Design, the first model in a new family of special series produced by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, the brand’s personalization arm. Almost a year later, a new model shows the end of its hood. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the 911 Sport Classic, the second member of this family to eventually have four. As for the aforementioned Targa, Porsche went on to build on the past to give birth to this second model, which is simply sublime. The German manufacturer was largely inspired by the mythical Carrera RS 2.7 from 1971 to design this 911 Sport Classic. It uses the same engineering base as the 911 Turbo, with widened fenders. On the other hand, it loses the side air intakes, which makes its design even more pure. Highlight of the show, it inherits the said wing “duck tail”, which already fitted to the 2.7 RS at the time. Also pay attention to the double boss, discreet but present.

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

This 911 Sport Classic was presented in a gray livery following the 356, but Porsche has confirmed the option of choosing two other shades, blue or black. Regardless of the color chosen, there are always two painted stripes from the hood to the rear spoiler. And don’t forget these beautiful rims with a central nut, which are reminiscent of the well-known Fuchs rims.

Inside, Porsche has also opted for a retro vibe provided by a pied-de-poule pattern for the seats and door panels. The dashboard is a subtle mix of Cognac leather and other black elements. Special mention to the digital instruments, which take on a green hue that refers to the brand’s sporting past. This is further proof, if necessary, that Porsche is a perfectionist manufacturer that leaves no detail to chance.

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

But let’s get to the technical part. Because if this 911 Sport Classic is based on the Turbo version, it does have special features. She takes over the biturbo flat-six, here deflated ” only “ 550 hp. So yes, it’s 30 less than the 911 Turbo, but the Sport Classic has the huge advantage of being fitted with a seven-speed manual transmission that sends all the cavalry to the rear wheels. We will gladly forgive him this small loss of power. In addition to this exceptional engine-gearbox combination, this special series is equipped with sports suspensions and an exhaust with a better sound as standard.

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

Barely unveiled, this 911 Sport Classic can already claim collector status. Mechanics at the service of driving pleasure and a design that is transcended by elements inspired by the legendary 2.7 RS, these are the ingredients of this seductive recipe. But there won’t be for everyone, Porsche plans to produce only 1250 copies. And who says limited edition, says salty price. The base price is €280,603, a price that buyers will undoubtedly be able to increase by going through the options box. To put things in context, remember that a 911 Turbo starts at around $197. Orders are already open, with first deliveries scheduled for July.