Presidential 2022: from the most to the least fortunate, what is the legacy of the twelve candidates?

The twelve candidates declared their heritage as required by law before the presidential election. The chance to look at the fortune of each of them.

Which presidential candidates are the richest? On Tuesday, March 8, the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life unveiled the assets statements of the 12 candidates for the presidential election. Among them are some millionaires.

1. Valerie Pecresse

Right away assets of more than 9 million euros, candidate LR is the richest candidate. Among his statements are, for example, three individual houses, one of which is in the Yvelines for a value of 2.3 million euros. Another of his properties in Loire-Atlantique is worth 1.8 million euros.

Candidate LR is also in possession of a lithograph by Miro, for 14,000 euros and various agricultural lands… Among other things.

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2. Eric Zemmour

The extreme right candidate combines 4.2 million euros in assets† He owns wholly or partly five Parisian apartments and owns 90% of the capital of his publishing house Rubempré, through which he published in particular his book “France did not say the last word”.

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3. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Several properties make up the heritage of the candidate of Debout la France, which exhibits a heritage estimated at 2 million euros† Among them is an apartment in Paris with a value of 1.4 million euros. He also owns an apartment worth €205,000 and a detached house in Essonne valued at €250,000.

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4. Jean-Luc Melenchon

France’s candidate Insoumise declares 1.4 million euros heritage. A portfolio consisting of two buildings (€1.2 million and €170,000). He also has 95,000 euros in various bank accounts.

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5. Marine Le Pen

With 1.2 million euros in assets, Marine Le Pen is the latest millionaire in this ranking. In particular, she owns three properties for a total of more than 600,000 euros. She has several loans in the process of repayment, also specifies BFM. In particular, one of the more than 10.5 million euros contracted with the Hungarian bank MKB to finance its campaign.

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6. John Lassalle

With three houses, an apartment and land, all in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the candidate of the “Resist!” declare a capital of 800,000 euros.

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7. Anne Hidalgo

According to AFP, the mayor of Paris and PS candidate declared 575,000 euros of heritage. In particular, she owns an apartment in the capital, estimated at 1.4 million euros, of which she owns 50% with her husband and for which 400,000 euros still have to be repaid.

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8. Emmanuel Macron

The outgoing president said: assets of 550,000 euroswhich consists mainly of bank accounts, but also of his booklet A, his booklet on sustainable development or his life insurance.

Between the start of his term in office and December 31, 2021, the outgoing president received 900,000 euros in net taxable income.

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9. Yannick Jadot

Like the current president of the republic, Yannick Jadot owns no real estate. He indicates 412,000 euros, in fact spread over the five accounts he owns. He also declares that he is the owner of an electric scooter, worth 4,000 euros.

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10. Fabien Roussel

The communist Fabien Roussel heads a heritage of €220,000formed thanks to the two houses in the north that he owns (one of them at 60%).

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11. Nathalie Artaud

The Lutte Ouvrière candidate declares to the HATVP a legacy of € 219,000† In particular, she partly owns an apartment in the Paris region (Seine-Saint-Denis) worth almost 180,000 euros and four bank accounts on which just under 40,000 euros appears.

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12. Philippe Poutou

The New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) candidate comes at the end of this ranking with a legacy €122,000† He owns no real estate but owns a Peugeot 308 valued at €22,500 and has four bank accounts on which about €100,000 is distributed.

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