Presidential 2022: RSA, fuel prices, pension … What we already know about Emmanuel Macron’s program

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Emmanuel Macron, who ran for reelection in early March, will unveil his program to the press this Thursday. A project and proposals that he has already started to work out. Overview.

The president will put on the candidate’s suit. This Thursday, Emmanuel Macron will present his program to the press for a second term. At his first and only public meeting in Poissy, the current tenant of the Elysée had explained that he wanted to propose to the French “four great pacts”: a “European pact”, a “pact between generations”, a “productive pact” for employment and the re-industrialization of the country, as well as a “republican pact”. These pillars are to be described in a twenty-page notebook, which is expected to be unveiled by the end of the week. What do we already know about candidate Macron’s plans? Response elements.

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Condition the RSA?

During the week, Gabriel Attal did not rule out the possibility of the RSA being conditioned to a minimum of activity. “The logic we carry is that we say that duties open rights, and not vice versa. It is not rights that open duties,” France 2’s government spokesman explained, without giving further details. The number of RSA recipients was estimated at nearly two million at the end of last year.

Retirement at 65

The thorny issue of the pension reform project is back. Emmanuel Macron would consider raising the statutory retirement age to 65. The echoes seem to know that this new reform is scheduled to apply from 2023. But in 2032 she would be fully completed. The entry into force would therefore take place gradually over nine years.

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Fee Removal

A proposal common to several candidates, especially those from the right and the far right: Emmanuel Macron has pledged to abolish the TV license if he were re-elected. “We are going to abolish the remaining taxes, the TV license is one of them,” he confided. “It’s consistent with the abolition of the housing tax, you have to go all out,” he explained. With an amount of 138 euros in 2022 and paid by more than 27 million households, the contribution to the public broadcaster (CAP) brings the State almost 4 billion euros per year.

Triple the Macron Bonus

On his first trip to Poissy, the presidential candidate promised to triple the amount of the bonus that bears his name. This would therefore increase from 1000 to 3000 euros. This exceptional bonus, introduced at the time of the yellow vest crisis and paid by employers, would still be exempt from taxes and social security contributions.

“Food voucher”

At the same public meeting in Poissy, Emmanuel Macron made a proposal to fight food insecurity. The aim is to create a “food voucher” to facilitate access to “quality food” for the least favored. No additional details have been filtered for this measurement;

The tracks for education

In the field of education, the head of state has already announced several lines of action. He wants to give more space to companies in secondary vocational education and during orientation sessions at the university, organize 30 minutes of daily sport at primary school or even give more autonomy to the directors of institutions.