Presidential 2022: Zemmour supporters won over by doubt?

POLITICS – The attack is hard. In the evening of Friday 11 March, Valérie Pécresse’s team published annoying recordings for that of Éric Zemmour. We hear supporters of the polemic expressing their (very) great disappointment at the end of the debate between the founder of Reconquest! and candidate LR. These comments were made during an informal discussion between activists and Zemmourist executives in a Twitter Space, a popular discussion room for politicians and journalists during this campaign period.

And the fragments chosen by Valérie Pécresse’s team are quite damning for the militants of “Z”, as her admirers like to call her. “We were disappointed, you can’t imagine how much”, we hear in this compilation, cleverly subtitled. As reported The Express, the situation has also affected the executives of Reconquête! of the caliber of Guillaume Peltier to intervene to boost the morale of the troops, under the amused gaze of the journalists who, like every Twitter user, had access to this open-air group therapy session.

It is not only on Twitter that fans of the polemic are doubting aloud. At the disagreement of Generation Z, where the young activists of Éric Zemmour meet and organize each other, the dejection during and after the debate was also justified. While some accuse Valérie Pécresse first of derailing the exchanges, and also hold the journalists on set responsible, others bluntly denounce their champion’s actions.

“It’s really unworthy of two presidential candidates. I have the impression of seeing Moix against Kassovitz. And god knows I like the Z, but that doesn’t make sense. The form is too vague and childish,” wrote one activist, who was hesitant to switch to another channel. She’s not alone. “I have the impression that Z is a bit too contemptuous of Pécresse, who is very arrogant himself,” another analyzed. In a long post, another young man, taken over by Éric Zemmour, said he was “disappointed” by what he saw in the sky: “disappointed that he walked into Pécresse’s game only to scream the loudest. He didn’t need that.” , a wedged and posed position would have made him so presidential”.

The day after the exercise, the topic was still discussed in this discussion room. “He is less efficient in debates than before, I think. He used to be able to break someone in half and I think many like me liked that,” laments a young Generation Z. Another puts it into perspective: “No, but if you expected him to crush Pécresse and she ends up in tears , that’s normal to be disappointed. She is still a politician with advisors, teams, a big party”, defends this activist, before adding: “Zemmour cannot work miracles”.

“We are among Mélenchon boys”

While the bulk of the troops keep their spirits up (Guillaume Peltier’s interventions in Space Twitter have clearly had an effect), some are openly beginning to worry about the dynamics surrounding their candidate, who is still lagging behind a Marine Le Pen of who he dreams to double . “I am afraid of the next polls, they will both sink”, reacts alarmed to the debate against Valérie Pécresse, a support for the former journalist in the same militant space. “No, but the polls are also desperate, we are among the Mélenchon guys,” added another.

A beginning of dejection that begins to irritate inwardly. “But you’re going to stop your polls for two seconds! You have damaged everyone’s morale for a week with your defeatism,” replies one activist, while others insist on the non-predictive nature of vote intent studies, or even their manipulation to harm their champion. †

Still, some believe that the match has already been folded and that their candidate will not make it to the first round. “Unfortunately, I think Zemmour will reach a maximum of 7-8%…”, regrets an activist who shows a portrait of Napoleon on profile photo. “No defeatism guys, we’re here because we believe in it and we want to win,” replied one Gen Z member. And another added, “I’m asking that… They’re really sick of this shitty climate.” Atmosphere.

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