Presidential: increase in teachers, mathematics, sports … Emmanuel Macron’s proposals for school

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Which school for the next five-year term if Emmanuel Macron is re-elected? The candidate president unveiled his presidential election program on Thursday at a press conference in the Docks de Paris, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Some of his proposals concern school and education, in particular the place of mathematics. Here’s what you need to remember.

Bringing all stakeholders together in education

“Every time the school can’t do its job, it reproduces inequalities,” Emmanuel Macron said at a news conference. Therefore, the presidential candidate commits himself to continue to invest in education in a global way, while “assuming to adapt these investments to the sectors” by “adapting the solutions to the realities on the ground (…) and by all stakeholders around the table to make things happen together.”

“We want to train better, give the same opportunities, trust and recognize lessons better,” said the head of state. “Teachers don’t feel adequately paid and recognized (…), families are unhappy and children continue to lack confidence and have poor results,” he said. To “avoid this fate”, Emmanuel Macron therefore wants to mobilize “three levers”.

“A new pact for teachers”

Firstly, it wants to conclude a “new pact for teachers” by continuing “the increase in pay” and by defining new missions, such as “replacing absent teachers” by “better reimbursing the mobilized hours”. But also by setting up a “more individualized follow-up of the students”, especially thanks to the more systematic set-up of a “household help”.

To this end, Emmanuel Macron urged the need to bring family closer to school and to better train teachers “so that they can master the best educational innovations. †

“More freedom in branches”

Subsequently, the presidential candidate plans to “give more freedom to establishments”, in the “straight line of what was launched in Marseille”.

Specifically, it wants to “increase field expertise” and “give education teams more freedom” by letting them carry out a project, recruit “on profile” and experiment with new organizations with the help of an education innovation fund.

More “transparency” at school

Finally, Emmanuel Macron wants to provide “more transparency” to students and parents by “making available the results of the evaluations” launched during the five-year period at the level of the classroom and the institutions “to allow see the ways of guidance and pedagogical practices” that yield the most results.

“This school project is not a project where we can reform our school (…) in a uniform way in the country, but if we want to meet the challenge in its complexity, we must mobilize all these levers and succeed in new forms of evaluation”, judges. he: “We need to take on more freedom,” he says.

“Consolidating the Foundations”

In parallel, Emmanuel Macron wants to “continue to consolidate the foundations” by strengthening mathematics education, “including by putting it back in the base for the baccalaureate”, French, sports in primary and secondary schools and the artistic and cultural training.

The culture pass, according to him “a huge success in recent years”, will in turn be extended to secondary school students, who will also benefit “from an orientation reform”, which will allow them to “better trade where they are from 5th grade”. can go.